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  1. I just bought a G21 Gen4, I had a Ed Brown 1911, 45 that I sold and bought the 21. Went to the range yesterday and just loved the way it shot. I thought the recoil was very soft, everyone in the family shot it with no problem with the recoil. Target accusation was fast and simple. I like the fit on the Gen4 without any added back straps. Overall I’ll get it a 10 out of 10.
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    Always thought the Glock 21 is one of the smoothest shooting .45ACP pistols.

  3. Southlake

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    Agreed, soft shooting 45.
  4. Hollow-Point

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    I agree 100%. Love my G21.4. Very soft shooter. Actually went to the range this morning with a buddy of mine, and even he commented that it shot softer than his Ruger 1911.. great gun, shoots soft and accurate! IMG_6265.jpg
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    I'm looking forward to picking up a G36 to replace my ageing officer sized 1911,when pricing gets back from the stupid zone...and I can actually find one.
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  6. I think I got a good price on the 21 Gen4, it was $524 before tax
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    I am carrying a Gen 4 21 as my primary duty sidearm and have been for the last several months. For me, it shoots as well as my 19 which for me is saying a lot. I lost my primary shooting hand ring finger to bone cancer a few years back and was pleasantly surprised when I shot a 21 on a whim. I haven’t looked back and only wish I had tried the 21 years ago.
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    Same for me. :)
    21.4, 30.4