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Range report after installing the Ghost Ultimate

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As I posted a couple days ago, I installed the Ghost Ulitimate 3.5 connector and 6 lb trigger spring in my G26G4. So my son and I went to the range today and what an improvement! I could tell the trigger pull was somewhat lighter, but the biggest improvement I noticed was the trigger was smoother and the reset seemed quicker. It didn't seem gritty like before. I put a 100 rounds thru it(I would've shot more, but that's all that Walmart had! But that's an entire thread on its own!) I shot from 7-12 yds and was well pleased! Did a few quick draws and double taps and 1 10 round rapid fire. So much fun! Overall, a definite improvement! I'm not a competitive shooter, so I'm not really worried about my grouping of the rounds or shooting long distances. As long as I can put lead on the paper, that's what counts! I still plan on installing a s/s guide rod and also may finish the spring upgrade(i.e. striker and plunger spring) Just wanted to post here to reach the most people! Move to the Range Report thread if need be! Thanks!
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Good job!!!
Awesome dude cheers!
Moved to the Range Report sub forum...
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