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  1. Hello Ladies and Gentemen, this is my first range report, so here we go.

    Today I went to Article II in Lombard, IL and first thing I would like to say is that it was amazing. The staff was extremely helpful and nice, plus I liked the fact that they had an incredible amount of 9mm Federal in stock. I went to walmart yesterday and the ONLY 9mm ammo they had was the 100 packs of WWB. Now, I was hesitant to buy it knowing that there have been problems with it, but after all 100 of those through my G17 Gen3, not one issue, all fed and ejected properly. Throughout the course of the day today I bought 3 more boxes of Federal from Article II, and between my buddy and I and the ammo he had, we put around 400-450 rounds through my glock.

    I was all of the paper for the first 30 minutes or so, but my buddy started watching me closely and gave me some help. He trained with SWAT officers, and within about 20 minutes of listening to him, my groupings became incredibly tight. Ill post a pic below, but he taught me about "marrying" my thumbs, making sure my grip wasnt too tight, how to lock my shoulders properly when Im shooting, and proper technique for holding. this was just after 20 minutes or so, now I know im still pulling to the left and dropping a bit, that's due to my trigger finger placement and my pinky and ring finger on my shooting hand tensing up too much and twisting the gun left and down. But yeah, here is a shot of my groupings.

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  2. All in all, between around 400-450 rounds of federal and WWB, not a single jam, failure to feed, or failure to eject, great day shooting at an awesome location, I would definitely recommend it for anyone in the Chicago suburbs.

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    Good looking grouping. From what distance?
  4. 15-20 yds or so, pretty solid, I was happy and everyone who shot my Glock were amazed and LOVED it!
  5. Wheres the range pics rockin the polish :D
  6. Ha, didnt get any pics of me rocking my glock, but just of my targets, but btw for everyone who wants to know, I Had Nukinfuts polish my barrel, and it looks AWESOME! He did a great job
  7. dude..... you dont even know hahah everyone was blown away by how good everything looked.... no pun intended
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    Theres nothing like shootin out at the range....good grouping.
  9. Thanks dude, It was an awesome day.....
  10. The most amazing part is there could be five other polished guns there that and unless I did the work they usually don't match up in quality and cost five times as much lol.
  11. Ha aint that the truth? and as far as I saw, there werent any others there between the 4 ranges, but hey, doesnt matter because mine looked the best lol
  12. Every once in a while I get guns sent to me that have been painted previously that are HORRIBLE. And people think they are great, then I paint it and they want to kill the guy that charged them double.

    I brag but hey, I earned it.
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    This looks great bryan. Good groupings..

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  14. Thanks Donna, not too shabby for the first time out with my new baby :)