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    I had gone to a gun and knife show last weekend. There was a company selling custom ammunition, new & remanufactured. Looked interesting so I picked up a couple boxes. I had about an hour to burn so decided to hit the range on 02 MAR and run through a box.

    Optimized Ammunition Company - 230gr FMJ

    Optimized Ammunition Company is located in Barryton, Michigan. They had a show special of $17.00 per box. The website lists them at $19.99 per box. The box was labeled 965fps but it sure didn't feel like it. Too soft, more like 835-865fps.

    I only had time to shoot the one box. My initial thought is that they're a nice low cost option. Cleaner burning than some other big name low cost stuff I've tried before i.e. CCI Blazer Brass and Remington UMC. More than accurate enough for the type of shooting I do.

    I'll have to buy more and shoot more before passing final judgement.


    Firearm of choice:

    The picture speaks for itself. :D


    Disclaimer: Please bear in mind, I don't train to "bullseye" shoot. I train to "combat" shoot. I don't care if I don't place all of my rounds into a nice tight 3 inch group at 25 yards. I train to place my rounds into an 8 1/2" x 11" area up to 15 yds away. Beyond that, I wouldn't be engaging a target anyway.

    Indoor range, 7 yds, 2-handed hold, modified Weaver stance


    Indoor range, 10yds, Strong hand only, Strong leg foward, body bladed 45 degrees left of center


    Funny thing about this last target. As I was reeling my target holder back to the shooting position, I heard the guys from two stalls away saying something about shooting the upper right corner of a target. I assumed they were talking about their target and didn't pay much attention...until I counted the holes in my target.

    1, 2, 3... ***?! 17?! :eek: .. I quickly recalculated and came up with 16 rounds loaded but 17 holes! Upon closer examination, I also realized the 17th hole looked nothing like the other 16. Then it dawned on me what those guys meant. When I looked at them, one suddenly took a great interest in reloading his magazine with extra care and his partner, just as suddenly, found something of great interest in the floor.

    I was in Lane 1. Lane 2 was empty, no shooters, no target down-range. They were in Lane 3. They were using round 8 inch high viz (black & yellow) targets similar to Dirty Birds. I used the silhouette type (black & red)...

    So how the hell did the shooter hit my target?! :mad: :confused: :eek:
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  2. Thank god for my private, all steel target outdoor range. I can't stand shooting with strangers for reasons JUST like that.:mad:

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    Some day when I grow up, I'll have my own range just like you! :)
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    Awesome range report sir !!

    I too hate public ranges...but it is what it is !

    I always watch my 9-6-3...( left, behind, right ) when out there...
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    +1 for that...never knw whats going to happen.