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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Dark Knight, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Dark Knight

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    About 1500 collective rounds through my new two month old g25 today I went to the range early before a class with the intention of shooting 500 rounds after about 200 rounds I experienced 3 failures to slide lock after the last round and two other stovepipes on the last round is this common with the 9mm or something I need to send back to the dealer or glock never had this issue with the g23 or the 45 sig
  2. SIR

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    What kind of ammo were you using?

  3. Happysniper1

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    G25 is .380Auto....it has been my experience that some .380s are picky with ammo, and that some .380Auto ammo is of mixed quality.

    Technically speaking, the G25 does indeed shoot "9mm" (aka 9mm Short, 9mm Browning, 9x17, 9mm Kurz, .380Auto), it does not take the generically-referred to 9mm (Aka. 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, 9x19). The two should not be used interchangeably with each other.

    As a side note, I do not believe the 9mm Luger/Parabellum round will even allow the slide on a G25 to return to battery, since it will not chamber properly.

    That being said, tell us what kind of ammo you were using....
  4. In another post you listed you live in the bay area of CA........how do you posses a G25 anyway? Or is that a typo?
  5. Dark Knight

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    Sorry for the fat finger it is a g 26 9 mm. I had this occur with both Remington as well as Fiocchi 9mm Liger 115 GRS FMJ. Hope this helps
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  7. voyager4520

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    If you can find any, try some Speer Lawman 124gr or Winchester 9mm NATO.

    Underpowered ammo can cause that, and the two brands above are definitely not underpowered.
  8. Hurricane460

    Hurricane460 Glock Doc..

    Federal 147 grain is good as well.
  9. G-23

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    Failure of the slide locking back is indictative of a dirty gun in your case, I think. Of course there are other issues to look into if, cleaning the gun does not correct the failure.

    Same can be said for the failure to extract, first clean the chamber/gun.

    Either of these problems can present themselves to a tired shooter that can be limpwristing or, not using a firm grip.

    Cleaning and a lube job I think will cure your problems though.
  10. Dark Knight

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    Striped and cleaned gun on Friday and these problems occurred saturday after only 200 rounds
  11. Webphisher

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    Are you using factory mags or after market mags?
  12. G-23

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    Know in advance, it can be hard for someone to troubleshoot a problem without knowing the condition of the object that is being talked about as we just saw.

    So more questions:

    -Is the gun new to you but used?
    -Is the gun brand new and you are the first time owner?

    Are you a new Glock owner?
  13. Dark Knight

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    Sorry for the mix up I will be more careful next time new out of the factory box gun and mags. Never had these issues with my G22 or 45 sig
  14. G-23

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    Then maybe we need to look at reducing the mag spring load for a couple of test. Try only loading 4-8 rounds per mag and see what happens on the (Failure to Extract) FTE problem. Be careful to get a very good grip on the frame too. I'm thinking you may be hitting the the mag release as well as the slide stop lever while shooting.

    Also inspect the ejector, but I doubt that is the problem because if it was the problem the problem would most likely happen consistantly.

    Inspect the cut out on the mags where they fit up with the mag release. Make sure edges aren't rounded.

    Stove pipes and slide not locking back is telling me the mags aren't staying put or you have a thumb against the slide.

    Could be a very weak mag spring but I can't see that in a brand new mag.
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  15. bhale187

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    Did it occure with all your mags? Could be debri or a bur inside the mag body or on the follower, could also be a bad mag spring.
  16. Hollen

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    This happened to me one day. Do u shoot thumbs forward? I did this and wondered why I was having those malfunctions. The slide not locking to the rear was because my thumb would end up on top the slide release. And not allow it to lock. The stove pipe jam can accrue for the same reason with ur thumb resting firmly against the slide. And as said above me a limp wrist could also be the cause.
  17. halfacrej

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    Had this happen to me with a knock off high cap mag in my g17 loaded it with 33 rds stove piped like every 5 rds but the I ran only 28 rds in it and went without problems