Range day tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by sstock38, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. sstock38

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    Delivered by UPS and waiting for me when I got home today. Looks like Saturday is all about the G19 and the G17!

  2. sstock38

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    Wiped down, function checked and now off to the range.

  3. bhale187

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    It's a nasty raining day here today. I'm a member of an indoor and an outdoor range, should have gone to the indoor today, but my wife roped me into helping get ready for a yard sale :rolleyes: Been sneaking off as often as possible to get on the computer :D
  4. Yea its supposed to rain threw Sunday. Good thing I go during the week days in the morning at the indoor range. Not that many people there most of the time at that time :).

    OP: Shoot a few hundred off for us rained in :).
  5. sstock38

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    Rained here in Northern Ky. all day as well. Went to the local indoor range and everyone had the same idea. Just fired the G17 and G19 with a hundered rounds each of Winchester white box. Looks like sun and fun tomorrow so outdoors tomorrow for more extensive range work.
  6. glocknloaded

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    Nice!!! Waiting for mine as well 9mm and 5.56 on the way :)