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    I'm sorry if a thread like this exists, my search didn't find any. I'm looking for a good range bag. I'd probably only carry one or two pistols. What size would I need? Who makes good ones? Thanks for your help and input!
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    I am a huge fan of Maxpedition gear: http://www.maxpedition.com/. It can be a bit pricey but the stuff is bomb proof. Right now my range back is the Sitka Gearslinger (http://www.maxpedition.com/store/pc/Sitka-Gearslinger-2p926.htm). It makes a great bag for carry stuff to the range and EDC. I attach some external molle magazine pouches and slip Glock cases in the main pocket with room left over for ammo, staple gun, glasses and ears clipped to the outside with a small s-biner. They also make nice pistol and rifle cases although I am currently fond of the Blackhawk Sportster Tactical cases.
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    Check out the LAPG bailout bag from www.lapolicegear.com I use my defender gear duty bag from www.policehq.com it is perfect for me as I usually bring 4-5 firearms plus 100 rounds for each one it also has enough room to carry extra eyes and ears for a guest if someone goes with you I also carried 7 glock mags plus a few other mags for other firearms in one end pocket.

    Check out the "what should I choose" thread under the accessories sub forum
  6. Oakley icon 3.0backpack... wasnt cheap but I got a good deal and i use it for SOOOOOOOO much more then just a range bag.
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    I suggest that whatever you buy, get a BIG one...you might not think so but the stuff you take to the range will grow

  8. +1 on this one. I ordered and received mine a week ago. It holds a LOT. I have not been able to get to the range with it yet, but it seems to be everything you could ask for. It comes with two pistol pouches but there is room for another gun in there easily. Room for lots of shells, mags, eye and hearing protection, accessories, etc.
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    Exactly a range bag is like a safe, you buy one and a few weeks later you wish you would have bought a bigger one
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    I actually found an awesome range bag at Dick's, I'm picking it up for $30 tomorrow along with new eyes and ears for my wife to come out and release some stress (yessss!!!!!!). I'll post pics of it tomorrow. Seemed cool and a good size for 2 or 3 plus some extra space for ammo and other needs.
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    Thanks everybody, I didn't know where to start
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    I use the 5.11 bag from Gander Mountain. It is actually a tool bag, which is nice because it has lots of organizing compartments for glock tools, extra parts, cleaning cloth, as well as, a large compartment for ammo and firearms and then another side zipper part for magazines. It was only $30.
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    I am a huge fan of the MidwayUSA range bag. Here are some pics of mine.
    Can't go wrong with this bag. Great organization.

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    Will most of these bags fit the original cases or do most of them have their own compartments for the actual firearm?
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    I had the same question. I much prefer to keep the weapon in the factory case over a gun rug. No specific reason, just personal preference. I ordered an uncle mikes bag that fit the spec but it was discontinued according to the vendor. The midway bag is set up much different but may work as well.

    My concern is that I live in NJ and we Are also required to store weapon and ammo separately. I can easily accommodate this if my weapon is in the original locked case and in an exterior compartment of the bag.
  16. Suggest not storing firearms at home in their factory case. The foam lining will eventually mark up your firearm because it retains moisture. Not sure if throwing a couple of dessicant packs in there would help, maybe someone on here has tried this?
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    Have the same bag in OD green. +1 on Midway..
  18. I also have the Midway bag shown above. Just got it and I think it's going to be a GREAT bag!

    It should hold your original plastic Glock case inside the main compartment of the Midway bag, but you'll have a tight fit for the other carrier that goes in t hat main compartment.

    The main center compartment is designed to hold three things shown in the picture above: Two pistol rugs (toward the bottom of above picture) with pistols inside them, and the removable "carrier". That removable carrier (far left in above picture) is what you can use to take ammo, pistol, etc. up to the firing line while leaving the main bag behind.

    In the center of the picture above is a removable bag with a mesh bottom you can use to carry your empty brass. It has a clip so it can be attached to the outside of the big bag.

    I don't pretend to know the firearms laws in your state, but if it's OK to put the gun inside the Glock case and then into this case, why wouldn't it be OK to put the gun inside a pistol rug and thin into this case? In both cases the gun is separately encased within the larger case. Just my $.02

    If you want $.04 worth of my opinion, I second the motion on not using the factory plastic Glock case with the foam interior. I, too, would be very afraid of the foam holding moisture against my gun and causing problems.
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    Mine just arrived today. Pumped.
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    Just got mine today. A set of ears too. Bag is awesome.