I picked up a Glock 17 Gen 4, my first Glock 17. I thought to myself: feels good, better in my hand than the Gen 3s because of the RTF stippling. For those who are asking what is RTF, it stands for Rough Textured Frame.

I know 90 percent of us Glock people swear by the Gen 3 series and at first, I was like, "my Gen 3 is good enough."


Nevertheless, after a friend had me try his Gen 4 G17, I was hooked. Therefore, after trading in my Sig P250 and shooting the breeze with my buddy who owns the gun shop I go to, I ran 2000 rounds of the course of the last few weeks and couldn't complain.
Now granted Glocks are notorious for turning into butter after you pick one up, this wasn't much different after getting past the factory stippling.


Now I didn't just shoot the heck out of it, I torture tested it and I don't mean throw it in the mud and shoot. I mean run and gun, using it as it was intended and then some.


Love the trigger, more crisp and clean than Gen 3s. l do like the due spring guide rod and I think it actually help with the recoil, I did chew up the factor sight slot fillers but that's no big deal, as I can always get metal sights. I don't care for the grip hump at all, and the back straps didn't really help due to they just make it feel bigger.


The larger mag release is a plus; it is nice even for a guy like me who has big hands. Overall, the Glock 17 Gen 4 is worth every penny.

Now to do my grip mods!