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Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by lmartinez614, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. lmartinez614

    lmartinez614 New Member

    This is what I want to do
    1. Home defense
    2. Shooting range/take tactical courses

    What gun would better suit these 2 needs?

    *just FYI, I live in California so the guns are both limited to 10 rounds
  2. Danzig

    Danzig Glockin’ since 1993 Supporter

    22. It's easier to handle, learn and shoot with. Without CCW the 27 is a handicap in stock form.

  3. NWGlockgal

    NWGlockgal Active Member

    +1 I have the G22 and it's perfect for range and home defense. As long as you don't plan to CC that is.
  4. MedicRijos

    MedicRijos New Member

    I was gonna say 23 but im not sure if glock makes california friendly mags
  5. TacticalSatan

    TacticalSatan Matt Supporter

    They do. I have 3 of them for my g19.
  6. Blackmagic02

    Blackmagic02 New Member

    I took my first tactical course with my G27. I was using the extended mags. The Instructor at the time carried a G23 which is what lead me to that purchase. If you can't carry I would probably go big. 22.
  7. I would say G27. For me the g22 is to large. Plus you can fit g22 magazines in the 27. The mid size g23 I think is better all around 40cal. But I still favor my 27 for home defense. Just personal preference.
  8. atlantasmoke

    atlantasmoke New Member

    If all your looking for is HD than I would go for the Glock 23 it's not too big it's not too small it is the perfect size really. All 3 are great guns and shoot very well, you need to get out and put you wands on some and see witch one is the best fit for your hand
  9. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    I agree on the Glock 23. It fits the hand just right without the unnecessary weight.
  10. id go with a 23. easyer to find mags that are compact and full size
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