Question on carry rotation.

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    I like and share your philosophy!

    Even though a XDs is obviously not a Glock the controls and functionality are close enough that there are no muscle memory issues on the rare occasions when I carry it rather than a Glock.
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    Nice! Thanks for sharing the picture and shortening idea.

    454 is a lot of fun but I find myself not wanting to shoot more than 50 or less at a time. LOL.

    A 44 I can shoot all day. That’s why I chose it over the meaner 454.

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    Insightful post. Thanks.

    Your experience regarding the drill and the difference between shooting a pistol from reset vs. a revolver is note worthy.

    When I carry a BUG and I almost never do, it’s a snub 38. You have given me something to ponder.
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    ;) Totally understand. My boys nicknamed it “The Hog”. Back when I was younger and more power-mad, my favorite load came to be known as “the ridiculous load”; a 240 XTP-Mag bullet over something like 37.8 grains of 296 powder. I swear the concussion from that thing would break up kidney stones when you fired it.

    Anymore, more than 90% of what it gets put thru it is .45LC stuff, and for heavier stuff it’s usually Winchester’s 250-grain JHP @ 1313fps; which basically mimics a .44 magnum and is frankly still more powerful than I need in my area.

    Too much gun definitely, but I figure running it at 20-50% of its rated power levels, it should last a long time. My sons are hoping so, anyway. I know my youngest (a 6’2” redneck welder) wants it bad when I’m gone.
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    This expresses my thinking quite nicely. And my weapons are almost the same.

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    I rotate my carry guns, but where I live the legal distance I can fire in self defense without retreating. I’m confident I can hit my target.
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    What is this "Rotation" nonsense? peepwall.gif

    If you like and trust multiples, that is fine and good. If you think it completes your style for the day, well,,,,,,,,,,,OK.
    If you think it won't work through a winter coat or is too much for a t shirt, then evaluate your beliefs, and update the carry caliber.
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  8. LElliott

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    G43 in the warmer months, G32 in the cold months.
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    "nonsense?"once again,just a thought I threw out there for conversation sake.for the most part,the same weather and casual clothing I wear almost daily I find myself carrying a variety of a self defense situation,I know which gun gives me the best chance,though a gun will not get in my rotation without proving itself.I am only speaking for myself.
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    The G19 is my favorite gun, so I carry it once in a while. But my two main carry guns are the G26 and the G43X because they are easier to carry.
    They all operate the same and I shoot them all well enough to trust either one.
    And I have a Ruger LCR 357 for fishing, camping and the outdoors stuff.
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  11. Danzig

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    It is amazing how many believe that they alone posses the miracle formula to give the the absolute best ammo/caliber combination and the exact time they may need it.
    Probably the worst possible thing that could happen, on top of actually needing the thing, would be to end up fumbling with a pistol , even for a second or two, because you were expecting what you had yesterday. The reasoning behind the answer that I'm not a fan.
    F-O-R-T-U-N-A-T-E-L-Y,,,,,,,,,,,it isn't nearly that complicated or critical. Any good quality round in service caliber will fill the bill to at least adequate.
    Others just go with what fits their hand bag that day.
    It's Called a Joke.png
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  13. John in AR

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    Agree. My main carry gun is a simple G43 with a +2, and is pretty much year-round. If I were in a place where I wore a parka half the year and a T-shirt the other half, I might go to a larger gun for the winter months (probably still in the same caliber); but that would be about the only reason I can see that I'd want to change my ccw gun.
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    I generally agree with the 'same caliber' (9mm) reasoning and I'm in the northern snow belt, so Dayum, I love 357Sig. I train with both.
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    MWJOHNSON Republic Of Texas & 50K Contest Winner Member Supporter

    SE Texas
    I often ask my wife if this carry gun makes my butt look big :eek:
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  16. Lucian_253

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    I used to ask my wife if said gun in certain holster was printing. She’d would yell at me saying I’m worse then a woman. So I ask my oldest son now, lol!!
  17. Sparky_D

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    My wife likes it when I carry the bigger pistols.
    When I carry my G19 or 17, she get's all hot and bothered (in a good way). My Shield? Not so much...

    Guess what I carry more often now.... ;)
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  18. Southlake

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    Glock 20?
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    I bet no one tells ya to blow it out yer a$$! :p
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  20. I carry a G26 with a G19 magazine everyday clothes allow. If not quite bulky enough, the same G26 with a 10R magazine. If not able due to clothes(as in Summer)..G42 with a 7/8 or 10R magazine. I shoot them both pretty much the same..