Question on carry rotation.

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  1. Defendandprotect32

    Defendandprotect32 Well-Known Member

    What's your choice to carry today?,is a popular thread.many of us have multiple guns in our carry rotation.are we not more proficient with our one go to?I carry what gun I'm feeling that day.but in truth,I draw and shoot one better than the others.just thinking out loud.any thoughts?
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  2. Most days, my G27.3. I carry a G43 regularly during summer and I carry G20.4 when hiking, scouting big game, or bow hunting. Oh yeah, and at times a 2 1/2" S&W 66-5 when the mood strikes.

  3. Sparky_D

    Sparky_D Gen 3 G19 Shooter Supporter

    I have one primary carry (G3 G19), but on occasion where an outer garment is unnecessary or uncomfortable or I don't want to carry my sling bag, I'll opt for my S&W Shield 9mm.
    If I'm at home in my robe or sweats, my S&W 642 is in my pocket.

    I am more significantly proficient with the G19 and have somewhat lesser proficiency with the Shield and 642, but am confident in my abilities with each.
  4. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    My pistol rotation is mostly 27 gen.4 with 33 .357 sig barrel, Trijicon HD’s & lasermax guide rod laser, Glock 19 gen.3 with xs big dots, & mist common bugs are p365, & lcp2.

    I forgot my shield 9mm 1.0 with apex aluminum trigger & ndz mag floor plate. Also love that pistol.

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  5. Southlake

    Southlake Island Life Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    Because I live on an island, I opt for the smallest pistol I can shoot with confidence and 13 rounds. 365
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    MWJOHNSON Republic Of Texas & 50K Contest Winner Member Supporter

    SE Texas
    #MeToo, i don't live on an island, but opt for what I shoot best and can conceal best.
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  7. Southlake

    Southlake Island Life Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    You should try it.
  8. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Is the VG2 different for p365, & p365xl? Or same work for both?
  9. Southlake

    Southlake Island Life Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    I have both. The same works for both.
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  10. Danzig

    Danzig I do hood rat sh%t! Supporter

    Predominantly it’s my Glock 43 but I sometimes switch out with the Glock 33. I do throw a change up every once in a while because I feel like it. Usually a 1911 but a revolver or something else.
    Same with knives.
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  11. Sparky_D

    Sparky_D Gen 3 G19 Shooter Supporter

    I rotate my knives almost daily.
    Cold Steel Fin Wolf, Buck Vantage, Two Sun Titanium, Ruike P108, Ruike P801SF, Harnds Talisman, and about half a dozen more...
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  12. Defendandprotect32

    Defendandprotect32 Well-Known Member

    "because I feel like it".same season,pretty much the same weather,same clothing for several months.yet I carry a variety of guns.I'm not talking about grabbing your 380 for a milk run.I suppose for me,all the guns in my rotation are worthy,even though I am more proficient with one more the other.just like I like to shoot,break down and clean my guns,it puts a grin on my face.
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  13. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    My 27 to 33.


    S&W Shield & Sig P365

  14. RevV

    RevV Well-Known Member

    Most days I carry a G26, but every 3 weeks or so I switch for a week to a G30. On those rare occasions when I can't hide a G26, I use a Springfield XDs 9mm that is darn near invisible.

    I shoot all 3 well-enough, but the G26 best and the XDs the worst. I always carry an extra mag.

    When hiking in the woods I sometimes carry a giant, heavy Super Redhawk 44 mag. in a chest holster.
    Super Redhawk b.jpg
  15. William Bell

    William Bell New Member

    I have two carry guns, a S&W Shield and a Walther PPS. I like and carry the Shield more than the Walther because it is smaller and more accurate.
  16. deadzero1

    deadzero1 New Member

    Personally I carry only one gun platform for commonality. Since I carry an issued G22 on duty, I only carry Glocks off duty. I carry either a G27, G29 or G43.
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  17. John in AR

    John in AR Well-Known Member Supporter

    RevV - I have that same gun, except in .454 caliber. 12-15 years ago I had the barrel shortened to 5 inches and have been hugely more happy with it since then.


    It carries a whole lot better with the slightly shorter barrel, and is a lot less 'in the way' than it was with the 7.5" it had originally.

    Will probably have to RockSett the front sight screw if you do similar; my front sight came loose twice under .454 recoil before I finally did so.
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  18. Richard Davis

    Richard Davis Well-Known Member

    For the last year a G19 gen5, tried a G48 for a couple of months, then went back to the G19. Looking for a G26 now to at least mix in with the G19.
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  19. veprjack

    veprjack New Member

    I think about this question often. It' a really important topic. Thanks for posting.

    "Beware the man with only one gun, because he knows how to use it!" is more than just a cliche. Most of us deal with changing seasons, which require different types of clothing. I'm not going to wear a heavy sweatshirt to conceal my G19 when it's 95 degrees, but I don't want to CCW my LCP .380 when I do wear that sweatshirt just so I can go to only one CCW. So, I carry the best choice I possibly can, and try to only carry the same or similar types of guns - regarding manual of arms.

    My CCW weapons include the G19, Shield9, LCPII .380 and once in a great while, a Ruger LCR .327 magnum. When I carry a BUG, it's a KelTec P32. The Shield9 comes closest to meeting my needs all year, but there are still those hot summer days when even that "sticks out", and I pack the .380.

    The G19 and Shield present well out of the IWB appendix holster, but the .380 is challenging to get out and on target - and I'm not really thrilled with that compromise. I may try demoting the .380 to a BUG and trying to CCW the Shield exclusively - summer printing be damned! The G19 could still be carried in the cold months (I would hate to make it a safe queen).

    I had the .380 out at the range last week, and when I switched to my revolver, I fumbled the drill badly because I had gotten used to the .380's trigger reset. I stood in front of the target, and the gun wasn't going boom - I froze; I hadn't let the trigger travel all the way forward like you need to on a revolver! That extra second it took for my finger and brain to communicate could have gotten me killed. It really made me think about the possible disaster that carrying different guns could cause. Training can help, but...

    Anyway, sorry for the long reply, but thanks again for this important posting on this interesting and important topic. I look forward to reading other replies!

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