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  1. I went to my normal ma & pa gun shop (that I get all of my firearms from) today to see what he could get a Russian SKS for. Well the price was not bad at all I think so I was looking at getting another gun possibly.

    I have my eye set on either a Auto Ordnance 1911PKZ or a Taurus 608 .357 mag 6 inch stainless ported. Since I all ready have a .45 (G21) I am leaning towards the Taurus 608. Now the research I have done looks like they are around the $500 mark and what is selling me on them is their life time warranty.

    Its kinda of hard to pass up a 8 shoot .357 mag revolver. So my questions are, are Taurus revolvers a good buy? Would there be any major different between a 6" barrel compared to a 8" barrel on a revolver? Anyone here own a Taurus 608 and what are your views on it?

    Thanks for your time!

    P.S: by the way if I do get the Taurus 608, it will be my very first revolver. :)
  2. Taurus is an excellent choice for a revolver, my backup is a Judge.

  3. Yea the Judge is an interesting revolver as in it shoots .410 shot gun shells. One of my friend that sent of his FOID application here recently said that the Taurus Judge is going to be his first firearm.

    Do you know how Taurus costumer service is? Do they take care of the firearms they sell like Glock dose?
  4. Danzig

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    Sent a .40 that had grip screw bushings stripped out in the frame. Got it back in a week. They even cleaned the pistol. Came with a letter stating repair no charge and special 1-800 number if any problems. Impressed!
  5. I hear good things, but I have never used their CS haven't needed it.
  6. I have the polymer 605 .357 and love it. One of my favorite guns to shoot.

  7. Danzig

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    BTW I carried a Taurus 85 on my ankle as a backup for years. Darn good gun especially for the money.
  8. GlockIt

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    Yea they are!!! I helped out a family friend pick up a 85 titanium, then took it home and shot it, great light gun and very accurate. Still want the polymer judge and I'll probally get one this summer.
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    I have had and carried a Taurus 85CH (Concealed hammer DAO) Stainless for about 15 years now and haven't had a lick of trouble out of it. I have also had a Taurus model 66 and a PT92C Stainless.

    The only time I had to use CS was when a friend of mine was looking at the 66, spun the empty cylinder and smacked in back into place like he was playing Russian Roulette. I had to ship them the gun, but when I got it back it had been cleaned and they also replaced the original grips as mine had a gouge in it. No charge. I recommend Taurus.
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    My only problem with Taurus CS is that they don't pay for shipping it in. I've always carried in to Glock, so I don't know if they do either, but S&W (and Walther, by extension) sends you a shipping label either by email or mail and pays for shipping both ways.
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    I've owned three Taurus pistols. Still own two. I have had to use their CS and I was very happy with it. As for having to pay to ship it, its a small price to pay for a free life time guarantee.