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Question about night sights/install

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I stopped by a gun shop here in town today and asked about some Trijicon night sights, however when I asked how much they charged for installing them the guy told me $30!! Now, I'm new to Glocks and night sights in general but that seems a little high priced just for an install to me, especially considering the price that they were asking for the sights($115). I've done some reading on the forums and have heard about some shops putting them on for free upon purchase, but I think that this is something I'm just going to work on myself. Are there any special tools that I would need to do the job or can some simple tools do the job?

Thanks and I will continue reading up on this because I would really love getting those sights on asap.
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I don't know where you are from, but Barneys police supply sells them for 80 and installs them free, there is special tools you will need to put sights on a glock, you will need a rear sight pusher and a front sight tool
Thanks for the reply. I've decided on looking around a little more here in town and see if I can find a Glock armorer to do the job and maybe I can find the Trijicons a little cheaper. However, Corpus Christi, TX really isn't that big of a town with only a few authorized Glock dealers that I know. The youtube vids that I've seen make it look simple enough to do myself, but I will probably just pay to have it done.
A roll of 2" masking or duct tape, a small hammer, a short stick of dowel rod, a small flat file along with a nut driver for the front site and a tiny bit of loc-tite is all I used to install mine.
Use the roll of tape to position your wepon on, tap out the rear site with the hammer and dowel rod, insure the new rear site slides in approx 1/2 way if not, use your file to carefully remove a minor amount of metal until it does then tap the rear site in with you hammer an dowel rod.
The front site is pretty self explanatory.
I have mepros that I like, but I'm going to try the XS Big Dot night sight on my next one. The idea of simply "dotting the i" seems logical to me and the videos I've viewed reinforce that thought.
Thanks for the tips, David. Although I'm sure that I could do the job myself, I have been checking out the XS sights and may choose to go that route since all the tools come along with the sights and the youtube videos make installation look extremely simple. 'Dotting the I', as Kmurray mentioned, does seem very logical to me as well and I like that they use Trijicon tritium vials in the sights too.

Been spending alot of late nights just checking out youtube and info here on the forums to help me make a decision.....but enjoying every minute of it. Thanks again for the replies.
Yeah man that's bs, if your paying 115 which is steep, plus 25 for install your getting ripped off.
I agree. I paid Glockmeister $99 for green/green TFO sights for my new 17L and they installed them as part of the total purchase price. Don't pay more than $100 for the sights and certainly don't pay for installation or you're getting ripped. Shoot Straight...
After shooting about 200 rounds today, and finding out that I am definitely not happy with the stock sights, I've decided on going with the XS Big Dot sights which I think would work best for me rather than the three dot system. And since everything needed for the install comes along with the sights, I'll be doing the job myself. :D

Thanks for all the replies and I will post my novice feedback on these XS sights once they are installed and I have some range time with them.
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