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I'm not yet sure if I want to get one simply because of the annual fees. I think it's around $225 give or take right?

That said, I bought my 19 over a 17 so I could have that option if I ever decided to carry.

When I get my business going again, the annual fee won't be a big deal.

The main question is obviously you must have a viable reason to feel the need to have a CCW.

For me, while my town is rarely wealthy, there are definitely some shady areas and I take my dog out for walks a lot at night and one of the shady areas is closest to my house. It's a bit odd placement. The front door and area of my house is all upscale but if I go through the back gate, it enters an immediate area that's not so nice. I'm on the cusp basically of a nice area and not so nice.

It would definitely be nice to have the CC option for me. While I was a martial arts instructor, I'd rather not see how many guys I can take on at once or how good I am against a knife or gun. Lol.

Is this reason enough for typical California standards? Like I said, I just like the idea. I also go hiking in the mountains at night. It's really fu. With a headlamp. No people. Cool weather, different feel. I would definitely feel safer up in the hills in the pitch black with weirdos and mountain lions around. Then there is camping and anytime I just would want the protection. But im not in a dangerous line of work which is usually the reason that my buddies have theirs.

Thaks for any info. Sorry. Bout the long post. I type too fast for my own good.
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