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Now, my brother has a rudimentary knowledge of guns, 99.8% of it with my old 686 that I keep at his place down in FL.

We may look alike but the similarities end there. He's a stone cold uncoordinated computer geek and has been his whole adult life.

Bro got the brains and being we're Irish, he ran the tank dry. I got the viking side of the Irish heritage.

My concern is now, the older, slower, nerdy brother wants to go Glock. Now we should all know by now that the "Safe Action" Glock with its' three safeties really only has two. The trigger safety (which actually controls the other two on the gun) and the one between our ears.

That's my problem...what's between his ears. With my brothers lack of lack of knowledge about semi's in general and Glocks in particular, I'd like to start him off with a trigger set-up somewhere between the factory set-up and the NY 8 lb rock crusher. He already has his CCW, learning from the gunshop pro and using my 686.

I live in NJ, and even if I did live in NJ, I don't have the patience to teach family, especially my brother. Teaching strangers I can do. In my family, we're all hard heads so we don't even teach our kids how to ride a bike. Keeps the fights down at the dinner table.

Hey! It is what it is.

Anyhow, any suggestions?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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