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  1. clfarr1997

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    Ok here is a question for everyone. What is the most economical (cheap) quality gunbelt. I'm not talking about cheap construction, but just most bang for the buck. The belt need to be of quality construction and capable of support a holsterd G19 and one spare 15 rd mag. Looking forward to your replys.
  2. jelder

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    I run a galco belt!!! Paid about 75 for it. Don't recommend buying offline tho. I usually wear a 34 and had to get a 40 belt. I love it. Double stitched. Double hide. Best part is its made in America. Can't go wrong with a galco!!!

  3. Kmurray96

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    For folks in the Raleigh, NC area, go to the weekend flea market at the state fairgrounds. Inside one of the buildings there's a permanent vendor in there with a leather shop.

    Made me a great belt for about $40, but, that was 3 years ago. He even has holsters for you single action guys.
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    If you go to Opticsplanet.com, you can get a Blackhawk CQC belt for ~$20. If you look around, often on eBay, you can find a 5.11 Tactical leather belt for the same. Both retail normally in the $60+ range. These will be older styles, but new and simply being clearanced out. I swear by my 5.11 belts. I have a Blackhawk belt on the way because for the $20 something I'm paying for it, it seems worth looking at.
  5. The Willderness Belts are great, Also 511 belts all Leather are good also.
  6. SHOOTER13

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    I have two ( black & tan ) dress belts by this gentlemen...quality made and have held up for years.

    Plus you can swap out the buckle for anything you want...


    ( also have two cowboy rigs for my sixguns )

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  7. preventer

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    been lokin for a good belt will check some of these out
  8. Wilderness Instructor belt is all I wear.
  9. Juggernaut

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    Check out abetterbelt.com. Great product and fast custom orders. Made in the USA
  10. kodiak

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    Comp-Tac Kydex reinforced leather belt for me. Super sturdy and looks great with regular pants. Top is 1.5" wide and bottom is 1.5" tapered to 1.25. Cost was $77 with LE/MIL discount

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  11. jonm61

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    Next time you're in the market, you might want to look at the 5.11 version. It's every bit the equal in quality for just over 1/2 the price.
  12. fls348

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    I'm guessing your talking about conceal carry?
    Depending on your taste, I use a 5.11 "Double Duty" belt. It's a nylon belt double thick wears like iron and holds holsters and acc.'s quite well. I typically don't wear a leather belt so I can't help on that front.
  13. kj4963

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    I like my Galco Leather belt.
  14. jelder

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    Same here. Love mine!!!
  15. dslmac2

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    Just ordered a 511 belt, not bad a all for $17
  16. AVGuy

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    Anyone tried a Crossbreed belt?
  17. I have been using a crossbreed belt for almost a month now i got it from crossbreedseconds.com and i love it and the price fit and function are great i don't have any complaints i also use a Galco belt and love it to can't go wrong with either one
  18. AVGuy

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    Thanks I never knew about the "seconds". Looks like it might be a good way to go.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I personally use a blackhawk CQC belt but I have been eyeballing the 5.11 apex...