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I had read about issues of this particular trigger hitting trigger guard. Well, I got to the bottom of that, and its false.

Tango Down/Vickers said:
Thank you for contacting us. There will be no issues with the VTCT-002 in your Gen 5 G45.

When we first released the VTCT- series Trigger Line, the trigger safety had tension set slightly above what the OE trigger possessed. On some models, or shooters with very soft fingers would not depress the trigger safety 100%, causing a little ‘hitch’ as the safety caught the frame as the trigger pressed. To those not paying attention, they thought the trigger was hitting the trigger guard, etc. etc.

Instead of contacting us for a n/c softer replacement, they instead modified the trigger displaying their ‘work’ online, unknowingly creating unsafe firearms. We have seen some unbelievably hacked triggers, some downright scary.

The new, softer trigger safety can be identified by its grey color. Earlier trigger safeties were all black.

You will be 100% satisfied with your VTCT-002.

Best regards,
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