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    I'm new to shooting glocks. I recently bought an awesome G17. I love how it feels and shoots but I've noticed I tend to push/anticipate recoil. A lot of my shots are high, left 3-4" at 15-20 yards. 10 o'clock position. (I'm right handed)

    I carry a Sig P226 .40cal at work that feels horrible in my hand but I shoot it decent. I'm not sure whats going on here. Anyone have any advice?

    To be fair, I only have 200rds through it. I may just need to get some more time behind it but I'm pretty good with my fundamentals. I've been running dry-fire practice drills all week. I'm hoping by next range day I see a improvement.

    I'm eager to hear if anyone has any more tips or tricks to overcome this habit. Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like you are on the right path, dry fire practie helps alot; than its live fire practice practice practice.

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    You may be trying to hurry up your shot. Focus on your breathing, relax, sight picture and trigger squeeze. Like you said focus on basics. Also you may have the common problem of having to get used to the Glock trigger when transitioning from another type. Use the first pad of your trigger finger, take up the slack, feel the trigger firm up, then mount pressure till surprise break. Hope this helps.
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    practice practice practice
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    Practice, the practice some more. Then seek a trainer to help you practice.

    When I first started shooting glocks was hitting the same as you left and high even though I was aiming dead center, ( I had been shooting 1911 before and was a decent shoot with it) I started dry firing at night and taking my time at the range. I'm steel not dead on but have brought it in some. Here is a pic, I had a couple of flyers but this was 50 rds at 10 yards with a G23
    Not perfect but a lot veered than when I first started

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