Purchasing for LEO, Homeland Security or Active Duty Military

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    I have a few Glocks.

    There are a couple of methods that you can acquire a Glock at a discount if you are under the following:

    Law Enforcement
    Homeland Security (includes Firefighters, Paramedics, EMTs)
    Active Duty Military
    Active Drilling Reserves
    National Guard
    RETIRED military (ID Card Required)
    TSA personnel
    Commercial Pilots
    (This list may have changed)

    You can contact Glock Directly, order a Service Pistol through Glock and have the Firearm transferred to your FFL:

    U.S. Headquarters

    GLOCK, Inc.
    6000 Highlands Parkway
    Smyrna, GA 30082
    Phone:770-432-1202FAX:770-433-8719 For further information on GLOCK pistols, please contact your local GLOCK stocking dealer.
    Customer Service

    To receive additional product and parts information, delivery schedules, information about your order, or other shipping information please contact:
    Phone:770-432-1202FAX:770-433-8719Alternatively, you can contact Glock to determine a local dealer who sells to law enforcement. You can call around your area, also. You can opt to buy a Blue Box Glock which depending upon the caliber can give you significant discounts. For full sized or compact Glocks, 9mm or 40 Cal (Model 17, 19, 22, 23), depending upon your locale, they sell anywhere from $409 to $420 and you get additional magazines but you must call for details. For subcompact Glocks, 9 mm or 40 cal (Model 26, 27), you get a discount but no additional magazines. Glocks outfitted with nightsights are sometimes available and are usually less expensive than getting a conventional sight and buying aftermarket tritium sights.

    Larger calibers are available but the prices I had looked into, in Florida ranged from $480 to $500 for 45 ACP. I did not query whether 10 mm or 357 Sig was an option.

    Obviously, prices and availability depend upon locale. You may find it cheaper in another state but you have to pay FFL transfer fees which range from as low as $15 to $75. Average FFL fees are $40-$50. Some dealers do charge shipping to your FFL which can be anywhere from $25-$30 to $50 (sometimes more). Bud's Gun Shop offers free shipping but I don't recall that military discounts were an option (you'd have to call).

    I included a link to a random online dealer (I HAVE NEVER USED THEM, IT WAS THE FIRST HIT ON GOOGLE. This is for informational purposes only and I, in no way, endorse or advocate them. This is just an example of cost savings. ):


    Documentation required:
    State Driver's License
    Military ID


    MY FIRST GLOCK, I PAID $529. It was a Glock 23 and the gun-seller did not let me know that military discounts were available or existed. Go figure! Ironically, I was IN UNIFORM when I ordered and paid for it! My second Glock was a Glock 27 which I purchased at the time for $409 + Background Check and Tax, locally. My Glock 30 was acquired from a local trade in Florida (I traded a Glock 21 for it). My Glock 36, I purchased from a fellow forum member and had it shipped to my FFL.

    Upon searching, I found this longer list of eligible personnel from the following website: