Proud new owner of a G35

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by okie35, Feb 28, 2012.

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    After a month long process of selecting which pistol would be my first handgun, I ended up at the Glock 35. I have a local range here that has a wide selection of rental guns and it seems I tried them all (Sig, Beretta, H&K, Springfield, etc.). I was looking for a home protection and range gun, and the 35 felt and shot the best for me. I got it at the first of the year and have already put at least 1000 rounds through it. I keep getting better with it and have been having a blast at the range.

    For my next step I want to look into local competitions. Are they okay for noobs?
  2. Webphisher

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    GSSF is the place to start if they have any matches in the area.

    It is, as its been described to me, the gateway into other competitions. Great payouts, lots of fun, several division from amateur up to master levels and different gun types.