Proposed changes to Michigan concealed carry handgun law

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    I'm cheering it on! :D

    I think the current requirement of 30 rounds fired for CPL is a joke. I'm happy to see them increase the required range time/rounds fired. My CPL class had us firing 90 rounds from various positions, around barricades, strong hand and support hand. It was more thorough than other classes I've heard of. I haven't quite decided how I feel with regards to the additional training time and range time for a further endorsement to carry in GFZ, but I do understand why they put that in there. Personally, I think if one proves they're LEO or military trained, they should be able to waive that requirement. I'm not happy with the prospect of having to spend more money (other than renewal fees) to increase my carry rights but I'll jump through the hoops if need be.

    Turning the approval process over to the county sheriff makes sense. I've heard of waits anywhere from 3 days to 4 months depending on the county and their gun board. I believe gun boards should be made obsolete. If a background check comes back clean from the sheriff department or state police or whatever agency does the check, then why does it need to be delayed further by waiting on a separate board? :confused: The county I live in is notorious for dragging it's heels while the lowest of the top 3 counties in MI issues 2 to 3 times as many permits as mine. (BTW, if anyone's interested, the top 3 counties in MI accounted for HALF of the permits issued in 2010-2011.)

    Anyway, I'm hoping it passes. Although I feel that even if it passes, some counties will take their sweet time conforming citing all kinds of logistically excuses. :mad:

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    At first, when I read the headline, I thought "uh oh"...but after reading it, I like what I see.

    Incidentally, my county is notorious for taking its own sweet time to issue a permit.
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    Anything that will streamline the application and approval process is always gonna be a good thing.


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    The link isn't available any more...tear..
  5. The counties will still find a way to drag ass, that is the Michigan way. Luckily I went through Kent County (Grand Rapids) which was only 3-4 months instead of 6-8 like some others (Gratiot, Detroit, Montcalm, etc).

    As for the class requirements, 30 rounds is plenty if the content of the course is solid. A CPL course should teach the basics, and then spend it's time on the issues of carrying a gun in society not focusing on simple firearm education. A course should single out those with no firearms training and THOSE people should have extended classes. Personally my CPL course was 6 hours and put us through 250 rounds and by the end I was almost ready to put 251 in my head to get done with it.
  6. yea it is, works just fine
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    You may have trouble accessing the link from a mobile device. I just tried it on my smartphone and I was prompted to go to the full site (as opposed to their mobile site). Going to the full site worked.
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    No problem. I wasn't sure how best to categorize this article/thread.
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  9. "My CPL class had us firing 90 rounds from various positions,"

    my class in Oregon we shot 100 rounds
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    Oo ok cool thanks!