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  1. Anyone know of any other companies that give out the promo kit, i got my glock one and i would love more from various gun makers
  2. mcwtrainer

    mcwtrainer New Member

    Never got mine from Glock. :-(

  3. Glockinator19

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  4. when did you order it? i am still waiting on mine from monday
  5. still havent got mine either =(
  6. sodapopscott

    sodapopscott New Member

    Boom!! Just got mine, not what i asked for but I'm thankful :) I filled the form out about 2 weeks ago. Yes!!!!!!!!

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  7. ZombieNinja

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    Wow, they must be feeling the slump in the economy. They sent mine in a decent size box and it weighed about 10lbs! But the magazines and brochures made it heavy too.