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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ash1012, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. ash1012

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    I don't know If this will take off or not but I think it is a cool idea. We all know of our vendors and support them 100%. I have been looking at TMC and defensiveholsters.con shopping around a little bit. I was going from thread to thread looking at pics. I was thinking why don't we have a thread to show off all the things we have ordered from our vendors. So if you have ordered anything from our vendors lets see them

    ( sry I have nothing to show, haven't got the money saved up yet but it won't be long)
  2. kodiak

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    I should have something soon :)

  3. ash1012

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    My new holster from Mike P. it is for my G23 with the TRL-1 and a sweat guard. I also got the IWB straps to go with it and I will have pics of it later. I am extremely happy with it. It looks even better in person. I will bet posting a thread on a review after a carry it some more. Thank you mike.

    Side not I ordered it Friday and it came in on Thursday

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    Still waiting on mike p to pm me back. Anyone heard from him?