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I wear cargo pants very often when not at work. And for some reason, the waistline on all of these perfectly good cargo pants are shrinking. Because my waistline couldn't possibly be growing :eek:

Anyway, the cargo pants still fit and are in good shape, I just can't wear my IWB comfortably with them any more.

Looked to see if I could find a holster for the big thigh pocket of a cargo pant for the G30SF. Could not come across anything that looked like it'd stay in an upright position.

Thinking about it some more, it's a really appealing way to carry, because I like backpacking. You can't carry IWB with a 40 pound pack and not help a chiropractor retire to the tropical islands. So in the pack goes the gun. Fat lot of good it does back there where you can't reach it.

So I took a flyer and emailed a concept to a guy who makes leather holsters as a hobby. He's going to put one together for my G30SF. Once it comes in, if it works well I'll put up some pics. If it doesn't work as well as hoped, guess I'll be buying new pants, and there will be some very well dressed bums in my neighborhood :)
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