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    I guess I'll give a little background on why I have interest in obtaining a concealed permit. I think the "sheep dog" (protecting those who choose not to carry, using a series of unlocks decide the action to take and if needed be prepared to end a horrible situation) philosophy as well as the "fire extinguisher" (better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it) analogy are both very good representations why law abiding citizens should take advantage of their second amendment rights and treat those rights with the respect and maturity they deserve. I was at Virginia Tech when the shootings happened. I have friends that will never graduate or experience the love of life because of that day. That memory along with many other examples over the years have left a lasting impression on the importance of the right to protect your own, loved ones, as well as innocent peoples right to live when SHTF. I don't believe any number of laws will keep firearms from being obtained by bad people who seek to do bad things. I appreciate the work that out military and law enforcement does, but sadly they can't be everywhere at all times. That's why I'm a strong believer in second amendment rights as well as a persons right to carry that pistol concealed to add the element of surprise those defensive situations when your backs against the wall, there is no way to talk them down or run away, or some crazy guy has already started doing the unthinkable.

    I will never be out looking for a fight or anything like that, but I do feel like the right to bear arms is an important right to have. I hope that I'll never have to use this safety system and that I'll just enjoy range time for the rest of my life, since a safety system you never have to use is the best safety system. I'll end my rant on that note, I could talk about that for hours.

    I'm wondering where a good place to start would be for someone interested in obtaining their permit. I already have a G19 Gen4 which I love. I also have the cleaning equipment and storage equipment to go along with it. Should I invest in a good holster? I'm sure for carry I'd use an IWB so is that what I should get first to practice draw technique? I'd like to be extremely comfortable with my setup before I carry for the first time. So far my glock is completely stock. I was considering night sights on it as my only real "mod". Possibly a trigger but I've read a lot on these forums about how for a dedicated carry its a good idea to keep everything stock.
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    Thank you for sharing this with us. I could imagine it is hard to talk about such things and you remind us why we should carry everyday. You are right about the security system that you never have to use is the best one. We all hope to never have to draw out weapons and you have the right mind set sir.

    As far holster it kind of depends on what you like in a holster. I would agree that with CC you would want a IWB holster. But do you want a leather or kydex holster. Do you want a holster that will work without a belt? Or with sweat paints? I prefer the the newer designs like the crossbreed holsters. I also like kydex holsters and am fixing to order one from Mike P. he is a vendor here

    As far as sights I recommend true glo TFO sight I really love these sights. The are one of the brightest at night and you have fiber optic sifts during the day here are some pictures of my holster and the TFO sights

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    First off it depends on what state you are in to determine the process. If you are in CA the whole process takes about a year and many hoops to jump through. Find a good IWB or other holsters that you are comfortable with and can use for different situations that don't print, check out JJ Racaza holster or thunderwear. There are some vendors here that offer good and quality holsters. I have my FoxX holster on right now. Look at several and if possible practice with them. Don't forget that you can move them around for your comfort as well. I would keep things stock for the most part although my G21 is pretty custom, I will probably put in the extended slide stop and magazine extension on my G30 when I can, but will have a certified Glock Armorer do that for me. Good luck!!!!

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    What state are you in? Let me know and I'll give you all the info you need...
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    Thanks for the reply guys.

    I'm a VA resident but am currently working in PA for the summer. I believe if I get the VA one then it works here too.

    I definitely think that IWB carry is going to be the way to go for me. I was looking at crossbreeds and a few others, I'll have to look into the other brands you all mentioned also. I think I'd like a hybrid style holster but I have zero holster experience so idk. I wear a pants with a belt practically all the time unless I'm in the house, so a holster requiring a belt isn't a big deal for me in fact it is probably preferred. Do I need a belt made for using a holster?

    I'll take a look at tru glo, I heard meprolight? has good visibility and trijicon makes good sights too. Then again I've heard some good things about the glock factory night sights too.

    For IWB does the leather rub against you? Do you tuck in a shirt, then holster, then outer layer?

    I think I'll keep it all stock to start expect for possibly changing out the sights for night sights.
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    It's a good thing your embarking on. I would begin by searching out the best local CCW trainers. Usually there is a local gun store where LEO's take their business, that might be a good place to make inquiries. The County Sheriff's are the local issuing authority here, so I just found a retired Sheriff that is now teaching CCW. He was referred to my by the owner of my local store, who is a retired Oakland, P.D. The written course is pretty much common sense, combined with the laws regarding CCW. None of the classroom instruction is difficult to understand or follow. The hardest part for most people is just simply trying to relax during the shooting qualification portion. Nerves & performance anxiety are pretty common, which is to be expected I suppose. But a good instructor will be able to settle most people down. All the instructors really want, is to make sure you can safely operate a handgun, & put most of your shots somewhere in, or close to the black. Once most people start actually shooting, they settle down & do pretty good. The distance your asked to shoot at is usually 7 -10 yards, but when you sign up for a course, the'll confirm that, so you can practice in advance.

    I'd ask the instructor in advance if he had a holster preference regarding the holster you use in the shooting phase. IWB's are fine if your used to them, but sometimes people get nervous & have a hard time with them if they haven't practiced a bit. It's the instructors call, & yours of course. I prefer OWB for quals, just so the Trainer/Grader?Instructor can more easily see the condition of my weapon.

    Sights are easy for me. If can see them. line them up, & hit where they are aimed, I leave them alone. If I can't, I go to a big local gun store & look for some that I can see. Usually they will have several brands mounted on display pistols. I like my TFO's, and when I first lined up a set on a store pistol, I had an "Ah Ha" moment. Like- I can see these, I'll take them. Simple as that.

    Once again, glad your taking the leap. Life will never be the same, you'll see more of everything. You'll have to, situational awareness is a major part of carrying.

    And by the way, if your right handed, start practicing things with your left. Like your keys, & wallet & such. Gotta keep that right hand free now. It might be needed.

    Best of Luck Too - We All Need That
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    That's a great idea on checking out sights. I'll stop by a few shops and see I get that same "Ah ha" moment. Also great advice with the left hand for other things, that hadn't even crossed my mind but I'll be sure to start doing that.

    I hadn't thought about that with OWB and visibility for qualifying. Great information, I'll have to put some thought there. Much appreciated!

    I'll be sure to keep my eyes open. Sometimes I think I'm OCD. Being an Eagle Scout and a studying student at Virginia Tech for a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics sure makes me very surrounding aware and detail oriented.
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    I'm sure you'll do fine. The situational awareness thing kinda crosses over to the old drivers ed training. Like looking ahead 3-4 cars in traffic, and back the same distance, only you end up expanding that to pretty much everything you do. I just think of it as creating avoidance mechanisms, because if I'm not there, it can't happen. Like ATM's late at night, etc. Not that you would have done that before, but now you really won't. Nobodys perfect though, least of all me, If I was to start a thread on dumb things I've done, it would be a long time before anyone got a chance to post some of theirs.

    I just mentioned the holster thing so you could check to see if the class trainers where you go have a preference, sometimes they do. You'll probably end up like the rest of us in a few years, boxes of holsters, some work good, some don't, some worked really good but wore out, and now you just can't part with them. Funny stuff holsters.

    Anyway, it's an interesting journey, might as well enjoy it.

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