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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Tape, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Tape

    Tape New Member

    hey guys, I hate watching a video and the op plays music. I auto X it out. I was just wondering who likes watching a weapons video or any other than a music video and the op has music edited into it.

    I would rather hear the people talking or etc. It is like they think they are in a contest, a monkey could do it.

    I hate music in a video unless it is a music video!!!!!!

    "deep breaths"
  2. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Or when its a shooting vid and the poster puts music in it...

  3. Tape

    Tape New Member

    exactly, I would rather hear BANG BANG BANG than music.
  4. ... thought that the BANG BANG BANG is the music in such videos!
  5. SquadCapt4

    SquadCapt4 New Member

    If you're looking for shooter's channels on you tube, there are quite a few. The one I highly recommend is Hickok45. He is also a member of this forum, but really doesn't have a lot of time to come on here. He is the best I've seen as far as reviewing all different types of guns, lots of shooting at his compound and explaining things to new shooters. He's a kindly, southern gentleman and a credit to the sport of shooting.