Post a picture part II

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Birddogyz, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Dang LT,
    Sorry man.
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    Damn that sucks
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    I was talkin about Hillary, the others are clowns make up or not.
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  4. LElliott

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    Know how ya feel, But, My buddy picked up his first brand new car. A 72 Comet 302 V-8(Mercury's Maverick). 9 days later he was stopped at a light and some lady packed him up good in the rear end at about 25 mph. It happened again 2 more times. Enjoy yer new vehicle anyway.
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    Recalling the movie and tv series “V”!
  6. mattm

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  7. Danzig

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    When I bought my first new truck in 1994 I went through a hail storm on the way home from the dealer.:eek::mad:
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  8. mattm

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    DSCF1644.JPG Not new vehicles, but broadsided in 2008, unconscious then in shock, then rear ended 2010 by an F250 with a plow, going 30. I was stopped at red lights both times. Now I don't stop for red lights ;) and have discrete "get off my butt or I'll effin' kill you" bumper a 2A manner of speaking.
    Both times I was in my Dakota. Got totalled both times, but my car repair guy is a bike builder, real talented, and has a persuasive manner with adjusters. Last one was the first time I had a concussion that even I noticed. 7 beer buzz for 3 weeks, and couldn't remember the street I was on. Oh yeah.picture.. Whites, NH
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    Senior in high school. Was driving a girl home from a pool party. Still daylight. I wasn’t drinking. A guy from out of town driving a tour van went through a stop sign on a little road. I was on a 4 lane road with a grass median!
    I remember seeing a white wall in front of me and then the roof being taken off my car and a C collar being put around my neck. Medic asked me how many fingers he was holding up? I was like, Duh! 2. Then he asked me what year it was and who was the President? Then I knew I was F’d up!:eek:
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    Carter years? My swim coach used the "whip inflation now" (WIN) pins as medals. My sweats clanked like a knights armor :cool:
    note: I think a few of us here use the "like" as an acknowledgement more than a "nice, I candiggitt" response for certain posts. Either that, or we have a real sense of the macabre o_O
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    I remember seeing people wearing those 'WIN' buttons upside down so they said 'NIM' instead; meaning to expect 'No Immediate Miracles'.
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    Picked up a little something from the Post Office today...


    Thanks to all involved with the last contest!

    (I promise I'll sit the next one out...)
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    North Fork of the Clearwater River B56E812B-384B-44D0-8C9E-2899D6942285.jpeg
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  16. Bayou

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    Happy July 4th to all.
    God Bless America!
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