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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by trigger252, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. trigger252

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    I've only had my glock and have been shooting handguns since November 2011, however I have put at least 4500 rds through my glock 22 gen4 since that time....now that I feel that I have broken it in and have gotten comfortable shooting it I want to enhance it a much as possible including cosmetically, ergonomically, and mechanically.....I have already put on night sights, houge slip on grip, extended slide release, 3.5 connector, polished trigger, and 4# striker spring......Wat else could you guys suggest? I'm sure there are some improvements that I haven't even heard of so just throw out your ideas and help me brainstorm....i will appreciate all comments....thanks
  2. Webphisher

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    Short of night sights it kinda sounds like you've gotten used to all the ins and outs of the gun. If theres something specific you are looking to change because you don't like the feel then go for it. Otherwise I'd leave it as is.

    Muscle memory is your friend.

  3. Dboyce12

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    The stainless guide rod!! Or the tungsten! They are amazing!! I was way more accurate! The first time out with it!
  4. trigger252

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    Has anyone tried the laser guide rods? Any other suggestions for internal components? I'm also thinking of polishing my slide and barrel....
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    A friend of mine has the laser guide rod for his g19. He likes it but he says it causes malfunctions. I haven't seen it first hand but from what he's saying it sounds like he's limp wristing and it's not the laser. IMO if you really want one then go for it.