Possible Magazine Damage?

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  1. Hey. I've got a G4 G19. When I practice target shooting, I drop the mag out and just let it hit the ground. I have noticed that a couple of my mags have some minor dings and dents on the top where the brass feeds. It's not super smooth any longer but I don't notice it affecting round feed.

    I'm actually surprised that the polymer is so soft. What's up with that? Ya think it will negatively affect anything?


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    I've dropped my mags a lot, but mostly on dirt, grass or slightly rocky ground never on concrete/cement and they still work great. Never a misfeed. This is not to say you won't have the problem, just that I haven't. Are you dropping them on hard surfaces? Are they inserting and ejecting fine? If they get too damaged, maybe consider NOT using them for defensive carry and use them at the range only... Just a thought brother.

  3. Been doing combat reloads for 7 years with my duty glock 22 on range days and never have had an issue with a magazine feeding. All of mine are pretty dinged up from hitting the concrete and other assorted surfaces at the various firing ranges I have been on for training.
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    I just looked over mine and they look pretty good. I too drop mine on the ground but not on hard surfaces because my shooting range is in my back yard (its nice to live out in the woods). I have alot mags that I use just for the range that I let drop on the ground, but I have a 10 of mags I will use at the range just to make sure they run with out any hiccups that way I know they will be good for defensive carry. I wont let those 10 hit the ground. What I'll do so I dont get them mixed up is , I'll put an "R" on the bottom of my range only mags....
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