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Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by JaredoftheRocks, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. JaredoftheRocks

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    I'm curious as to how this would work. My fiancée just recently (very recently) bought a Glock 19 and hasn't taken to it as well as she thought she would, and has decided she'd rather have the money for it. The thing is in perfect condition with less than 200 rounds fired through it. It has a grip plug and an IWB holster to go with it. Here is my question: how does the sales process work on here? How easy/hard is it? If its a giant pain in the ass then we'll get rid of it locally, but I'd like to find out first and give you guys dibs on what's practically a brand new gun, right out of the store. I'm curious how we would deal with the registration and how both parties could ensure we get what we bargained for.
  2. kb9stb

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    With the sale, make sure you check with your state laws. I do know that if the sale is to someone who lives outside of your home state, there has to be FFL's involved to take care of the official transfer since it's across state lines. It's really not that bad and you can work with your local FFL to iron out the details.

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    Don't know where you live and that matters somewhat. Bottom line in my experience is that you would want to sell for close to what you paid, the buyer wants to get a good deal and what effects that most is when you sell across state lines there are fees (going through a FFL on each end) and shipping costs that effect that. If you sell to someone local you usually avoid most, not all, of those fees.
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    In the US, when you sell a firearm to someone outside of your home state it has to go to an FFL. And if you are not an FFL you have to ship it overnite air using a private carrier (UPS, FedEx--not USPS). When you ship it out of state you have to ship it to an FFL.

    You don't have to have an FFL on your end send it to an FFL on the buyers end, you just have to send it to an FFL on the buyers end. However, some FFLs will only accept guns shipped from another FFL as their policy, not law.

    As a seller there's not much to it other than paying $60+ shipping and getting a copy of the buyers FFL license before you send it to that FFL. The buyer has to make arrangements with an FFL for it to be transfered to them.

    I've sold several guns using forums like this and gunbroker.com, its a quicker way to get the gun sold since you are reaching a wider audience, and not a terrible hassle as many think.
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    What would you b asking and what state do u reside in?
  6. neem19

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    Yea I would like to know what your looking to get for it and where your from.

  7. TampaBaySean

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    Id sell it locally . Shipping is a P I T A . trust me a barely used G19 won't be a tough sale .
  8. Two-Guns

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    Shipping is easy, I bring any handgun that I sell to my FFL and he ships it to the other persons FFL for $30. It is not hard at all.
  9. TampaBaySean

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    More work than im willing to do to sell a gun, but it's pretty easy in FL . $30 to ship then the FFL xfer fee . Maybe I'm spoiled here cause the used gun market is saturated .
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    I'd b interested in buying the 19 if it's still for sale. I'm in Florida as well. Gen 4? And what r u asking for it? Personal message me for more details.