Polymer 80 g19 barrel issue

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Thorsson, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Thorsson

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    Hi all, I have a recently built p80 g19, and am encountering some issues, wondering if anyone has dealt with this. In order to rack my slide properly and have it go fully into battery I have to push down on the chamber and "seat" the barrel. It will usually get stuck, at which point I have to lift up on the tip of the barrel for it to go into battery. If i do it fast and hard it's ok 50% of the time. When the gun is cleared and held open the barrel has a lot of wiggle and play. Any suggestions?
  2. Brown-Box-Hero

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    Hi there. I have built 10-P80’s ( 5-G19 / 3-G17 / 1-G22&23 ) so I have probably encountered every problem possible lol.
    Can I ask you what type of barrel you are using?

  3. Thorsson

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    I am using the stock slide and barrel and OEM parts that came in the g19 full build kit. I was planning on putting it all together and getting it to work before I upgrade.
  4. rbbeers

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    For those interested, the barrel hood was 'a bit tight'... sometimes binding with the slide.

    Properly fitting the barrel hood to the slide corrected the issue.

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    Thanks Bob. :)
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  6. common-wealth

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    Mine went together flawless today 1st try, Can't wait to shoot it.
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    I just finished one last evening. Everything went together well and functions as it should. We'll see how it shoots in the next day or so. 20180625_193840.jpg
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