Poll: Should Teachers Carry in School?

Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by Prayer Warrior, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Yes, a properly trained school teacher should be allowed to EDC

  2. No, even if properly trained, guns do not belong in school

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  3. Yes, a properly trained school teacher should have access to a gun, but it should be locked up

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  1. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Peace Be With You Lifetime Supporting Member

    Due to the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida, Governor Scott signed a new law.

    As part of that new law, local elected officials will decide if properly trained and licensed teachers are allowed to have access to a gun while in school.

    I would like to hear your vote.

    Please keep it civil.

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  2. rbbeers

    rbbeers Well-Known Member Supporter

    I voted 'Yes, EDC'... the caveat being 'properly trained'.

    Best regards,

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    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Now we’re putting guns in schools where a bad guy need only determine who has it, overpower the holder and start shooting. Kids form gangs. What if said gang just wants access to handle another gang. This is not a well thought out knee jerk reaction. How about armed guards who don’t interact with kids that aren’t told to stand down and better communication amongst our agencies to keep unbalanced individuals from getting access.
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  4. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Peace Be With You Lifetime Supporting Member

    We are not putting anything anywhere. As you know the Governor signed it into law. Please vote.

    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    When I said “You” I wasn’t literally addressing you. It’s just a generalist way of saying it’s being put into schools. ;)
  6. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Peace Be With You Lifetime Supporting Member

    No worries, it's all good.
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    DANCER4LIFE Senior Darkside Dweller Staff Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    I voted "Yes", properly trained teachers should be able to EDC.
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  8. Volker

    Volker New Member

    If you listen news coming from the radio and it is reported about a shooting which just occur in that school where your children are, you will wish to stop the shooting.

    I think, children will have a good chance, if there is a reliable armed and courageous person like a well-trained teacher. If not, nobody is there to save their life. They are alone with the maniac.

    School shootings can’t solely be controlled by armed teachers but that guys may be the last chance when other measures fail. In any case, they can help to minimize victims.
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    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    What’s a pistol going to accomplish against an AK-47? In the hands of one who’s willing to die.

    Who’s paying for the training? One weekend isn’t making anyone threat ready.

    Are the weapons to be carried or stored?

    How will the identity of the armed teachers be protected. Deterrents work best when you don’t know how to avoid it.

    What’s going to stop some nut from turning their attention to the exterior of the school when kids are entering or leaving?

    Are school bus drivers being armed? How hard would it be to over take them and with kids onboard start running others over?

    Create a barrier to one problem and it diverts attention to other options. Unless we think that arming teachers is just going to make nut jobs disappear?

    Someone warned of planes posing a threat to the Twin Towers. No one listened. No steps taken to consider every option of entry and overtaking by bad actors until after it happened.

    Perhaps more effort should be spent considering all threat assessments vs just arming teachers with a pistol which is no guarantee to an armed nut job with 30 in a mag and mags strapped to their body? Plus now they just go buy body armor since they know the teachers will be armed.

    If someone really wants to do something there’s no stopping them if they are willing to trade their life for that action. The problem is that action and working harder at identifying those capable of such madness. The shooter left a trail of clues yet no one listened or were able to do anything about it. Guns have never been the problem or the solution. Keeping the wrong people away from them I believe is the only viable solution and even that’s not guaranteed. Sometimes even good people snap. Might just be that teacher armed and trained to do it. Chit happens. We do the best we can. Often it’s not enough. :(
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  10. Volker

    Volker New Member

    There are two issues we talk about. To defend those who we love has been come to the fore. It is required to move heaven and earth to succeed. Armed teachers belong to the last resort if other measures failed. And of course, there shall be a bundle of measures in future.

    But realize, in the background, that is the other issue I mentioned above, there is a lively public discussion about the right to keep and bear arms. If this right will be
    lost, only the bad guys and the police will have arms. Police can catch criminals but seldom prevent crimes.

    There are a lot of people who think it is immoral to bear guns for self-defense. They are the majority in Europe but not in the US, not just yet!

    In this context, Europe has to be learn from US, not contrariwise.
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  11. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Peace Be With You Lifetime Supporting Member

    In the Parkland school shooting, the shooter was not willing to die.

    If the football coach who saved many lives was able to do so without a pistol, how many more lives could he have saved with one?

    The football coach is an example of a real American hero.

    It is those kinds of teachers that need to edc.
  12. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Peace Be With You Lifetime Supporting Member

    Here is an example of what I am talking about using an LCP.

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    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Teacher had two options. Position himself to take a fatal shot or cover a kid from getting shot. I assume every active shooter with an AR or AK style rifle has body armor. Only shot is a head shot. Can’t use one incident as an example. To my point. Bad guys now knowing teachers are armed may take measure to protect themselves. It’s not that hard to acquire that type of protection if you really want it. Neither are guns.

    Only action that would have prevented this tragedy was background checks that actually worked and detention by law enforcement due to the large number of needed encounters with said nut job. Guns weren’t the problem here and wouldn’t have been the solution.

    Saddest part. Armed officers stood back because they were ordered to hold perimeter. That probably caused more lives than not having armed teachers.

    Plus just because one is willing to place self in harms way doesn’t guarantee they are prepared to take a life. No guarantee that valiant hero would have done something other than sacrifice self for another. Cops who are trained sometimes freeze when under fire. We’re human. We all respond to stress in differently.

    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Those guys didn’t come in shooting with a rifle. It’s not remotely close to the real thing. Sorry. We can’t assume idiots want to rob kids. If they are there it’s more likely they want to kill kids. Old man wouldn’t stand a chance against someone spraying bullets. Can’t assume every nut job will wants to live. They’re nuts.

    Crazy people aren’t predictable. Crazy people actually scare the crap out of me just because you can’t predict how they will react to anything.
  15. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Peace Be With You Lifetime Supporting Member

    Looks like the real thing to me. 2-real bad guys, 1-real good guy.
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  16. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Peace Be With You Lifetime Supporting Member

    I guess the federal government wasted millions of dollars arming the military with 9mm pistols. According to you, every Jihadist that shows up with an AK Machine Gun will win.
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  17. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Peace Be With You Lifetime Supporting Member

    Your assumption is incorrect. Neither the Parkland Shooter nor the Sandy Hook shooter had body armor. These are the facts. Your worst case scenarios are not the facts.
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  18. BlackGuns4Fun

    BlackGuns4Fun Active Member Supporter

    Seems like we're taking worst case on top of worst case on top of worst case. You can make an argument for just about anything if you take the objective to an unrealistic extreme.

    Bottom line here is short of completely locking down a school like a jail and guarding it with a squad of Marines, there is no perfect solution that can guarantee 100% safety.

    Part of this is about deterrent and part of this is about giving the good guys a fighting chance. Most bad guys will avoid a place if they know there are armed good guys present and for those who dont, at least you've given the good guys an opportunity to defend themselves and their kids.

    I say it's a good thing.
  19. jbardellini

    jbardellini Dark Knight Staff Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    Yes they should if there trained
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