Polishing my barrel.

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  1. Going to polish my Gen 4 21 barrel today. Its at about 4.15 hrs in its vinegar bath (distilled white vinegar). Instead of using scotch BRITE or sand paper going to use some good ol fashion elbow grease and a rag. Might hit the feed ramp with some emery coth depending what it looks like after I get the bluing off. And of course the secret weapon Mothers. Ill be going with the hand method over the dremel, ive got one but hey call me old school.
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    Nice, Id be interested to see how it turns out and hear details on how you did it. Been thinking bout doing mine but dont like the idea of sand paper on it....

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    Let me know how it goes....I have been thinking about doing it.
  4. Did mine with a dremel and lots of polishing by hand.



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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Jackman85 !!
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    It's not easy. Good luck using just a rag. Once you start polishing it you will quickly understand the quality of these firearms. The black is a real beast to remove. I used 1500 and 2000 grit paper. You will also need some mothers mag polish and a dremel with the buffing wheel to make it look like a mirror. It's easier to find than flitz and it works better. I used both on mine. Mothers is far better. Mine turned out perfect.



  7. 100% elbow grease, though I think ill hit it with a polishing wheel to mirror it.

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    that is very nice! so how does it hold up after being fired a lot? any discoloring?
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    My G17 is an old one so much of the barrel finish was polished off from normal wear anyway. I only polished around the outer diameter of the exposed muzzle and the exposed area of the block. The polishing time was only a matter of a couple minutes using some turtlewax and .000 steel wool. I wouldn't call it mirror fine and it could certainly use some time with a buffing wheel but looks snazzy. :)
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    What kind of grip is on yours in the picture? I like it!
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    Talon grips
  12. Yep they are the talon rubber grips.
  13. I think a bit more and itll be perfect also did the pins.

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    You should try doing your slide stop/release and slide lock ends to.
  15. 2009 I wrecked a dirt bike and tore all the tendons in my thumb, I cant apply enough pressure with a regular slide stop to release it. So im worried if I polish it there won't be enough texture.
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    Ah. Have you considered the extended slide stop? I put one on my G30. The standard design is a little flat and not that great. You can get an OEM Glock extended slide stop on eBay for around 15 bucks free shipping.
  17. It has black heart international extended slide stop on it. Just feel polishing it would put me back at square one

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  18. My thumb after surgery.

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  19. I had a ccw instructor threaten to rebreak it because I wasnt holding "properly" told them touch my hand and they Could find out just how well I could still make a fist.