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Polished Glock 21 Barrel

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OEM Barrel for a Glock 21, completely polished. It has been here for 7 months, unpaid for and unable to reach the owner for months. Per our disclaimer:

It is the customer's responsibility to leave good contact information. Twisted
Monkey Customs will make an honest effort to contact customers with any information
about needed or completed repairs. We will make several attempts to contact the
customer using whatever contact info the customer supplies at time of the order. If
unsuccessful, it becomes the customer's responsibility to contact Twisted Monkey
Customs. Guns and/or parts left unclaimed 30 days with no contact
will be charged a $35 storage fee. Guns left unclaimed 90 days
become property of Twisted Monkey Customs and or it's agents.
This is the first time that I have needed to use this clause, and if nobody has a use for this it will continue to sit on my shelf. I have made great efforts to contact the owner, they have all failed. I am now four months past the agreement stipulation so I feel as though I have done all I can.

$80 shipped or best offer!

Location: Pike County, Missouri

Pics will be up later today when I get to it.
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I PMed you...
Sold to Series!
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