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    (I'm posting here because I don't have access to LE/Mil forum.)


    This is an interesting look at two wildly different police recruiting videos. While I can imagine the former video fitting into the Georgia neighborhoods it espouses; the latter video is surprisingly from Orange County, CA, of all places.
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    I think the CA one is meant to show "It's CA. This is the only way you get to shoot the cool guns." :)

    I live about 12 miles from Decatur. It's were the VA Hospital is (well, just outside Decatur), so I'm down there a few times a month. It's a big small town. I think in 6 years, I've only seen a Decatur Police car twice.

    It's not in one of the nicer counties, but Dekalb County is huge and includes cities that hit the top and bottom of the income scale, and everywhere in between. Decatur is the county seat. Dekalb County absolutely sucks when it comes to getting CCWs issued.

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    That is amazing contrast. The CA one looks like they want the producers of COPS to come there, rather than recruit police. Certainly not a kinder and gentler kind of police force...
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    The author of that article is an idiot "It's like they want to be firefighters or something" lol. There are different approaches to Police work, and for a period of time in our country, that was the prevalent model; getting to know the community.

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    Likely due to my lack of insight into LE work but the CA video makes me think East Oakland, Watts, South Central LA... Not Orange County. How tactical do you need to get when a trophy wife's spoiled teenager shoplifts at Prada? ; )

    I keed, of course. No disrespect to our fine LEOs.
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    At least the second video had a malinois and dutch shepherd. lol