Police Chief has accidental discharge with his Glock, Mayor blames the gun

  1. While visiting a local gun shop off-duty, a small-town police chief suffered an accidental discharge from his issue weapon, a .40-caliber Glock. Although injured in the leg, the chief is doing just fine. The cause of the discharge: the town's mayor blames the trigger.

    The incident

    Connersville, Indiana is a small town of about 13,000 located in Fayette County, about 6o miles east of Indianapolis. Known as "Little Detroit" due to the large collection of automobile plants located in the town during the first half of the 20th Century, Connersville built many of the famous 1940s Willys Jeep bodies.

    David Counceller, the chief of police, leads the police department of the town. A man with more than forty years of law enforcement background going back to the 1970s when he was a US Army MP, he is currently running for sheriff of Fayette County.

    While stopped at a local gun shop to check out newer model Glocks, Counceller accidentally shot himself in the leg with his own. While it's not clear what model he carried, by process of elimination we can surmise that it's a Gen 2 or 3 G22, 23, 24, or 27

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    "It got tangled in my clothing," Counceller said of the incident, "I was wearing a sweatshirt and a fleece jacket. I felt (the gun) go in the holster and I pushed it, but it was tangled in the material, which caused it to discharge. The bullet went into my leg and then into the floor."

    The police chief drove himself to the hospital where he was treated for the flesh wound in his upper right thigh.

    Mayor Defends

    The chief, who incidentally also had a second accidental discharge 15 years ago in which he shot his own hand ("That one really hurt." he said), accepted all the blame for the shooting.
    "I need to pay more attention," Counceller said.

    The mayor of Connersville, Leonard Urban, defended the chief and "It was just a little accident. Dave is an excellent marksman," Urban said Monday. "Apparently the Glocks don't have the trigger safety that they should have."

    Glocks have been the subject of blame for not having a manual trigger safety for a long time. In 2011, a regular EDC practitioner shot himself in the leg with his Glock 19 due to a worn out holster.

    These guns were designed specifically to not have an external safety, as the extra surface controls make these pistols wider, more complicated, and add additional causes for snags when drawing from concealment. For those who desire a manual safety, many Glock custom shops offer an aftermarket variety

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    Still, although apparently the Chief's finger was not the cause of the discharge, we would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the 'Big Three'

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    1. All firearms are always loaded
    2. Keep your finger off the trigger until on target and ready to fire
    3. Know your target and what is beyond it.

    Be safe out there.

    And if you find a deal on pants around Connersville, let the chief know about it.

    Apparently, he needs a new pair.

    SMARKRAGE Member

    The Chief was just plain ole reckless when holstering. The mayor is a effing idiot.

  3. Easy_CZ

    Easy_CZ Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    The best safety is the one between your ears. Apparently that rule does not apply here. Chief Dumbass.
  4. The weapon didn't cause the discharge. A man with his experience was careless, to say the least. Love my Glocks!
  5. Espantoon

    Espantoon New Member

    The Glock does have a manual safety, it is that bar in the trigger.
  6. 451040

    451040 New Member

    The chief "suffered" a NEGLIGENT discharge. It looks as if he's really not professional enough to carry a Glock Fo-tay.
  7. vansteen13

    vansteen13 New Member

    Obviously more to the story then what is being told. I understand him trying to save face, as we've all been there on maybe different matters, but a screw up is a screw up. Call it what it is. Glocks do not discharge by themselves. It is operator negligence. In the end, I'm glad he is ok. Lesson learned, I hope.
  8. sheepdogreno

    sheepdogreno **Kthinblueline9**

    Sure let's blame a gun because YOU shot yourself with it...obviously this chief has history with negligence and firearms. I'm an officer myself and understand accidents happen but these should never happen... Use common sense
  9. Jettylife

    Jettylife Member

    They teach us in the police academy that Police Officers have more negligent discharges than civilians. This is because we are constantly dealing with firearms, training with them, and ultimately feeling confident about them. This can cause officers to become complacent and ultimately have a negligent discharge. Careful holstering!
  10. Deputy11

    Deputy11 New Member

    It was the "2nd time" he shot himself? REALLY? REALLY? So who is the idiot?
  11. 030201_40

    030201_40 New Member

    Usually one is handling his firearm when such a thing happens. Using a firearm is a different puppy.
  12. ditchdiggerG22

    ditchdiggerG22 Active Member

    Hmm... wonder what firearm he was handling when he had his previous accidental discharge. Did it have a manual or external safety? Just curious.
  13. derek141

    derek141 New Member

    Ever since the first verified story went out about the Cordlok getting lodged in the trigger guard, it seems that less plausible variations of that story have "caught on".
  14. RLTW

    RLTW New Member

    While deployed in the Bagdad area in 05, I had a soldier from our EOD attachment execute two perfect ND's, both next to me, the unit commander, while clearing his assigned weapon. He was removed from our AO, and sent to the rear. The point, one ND in your life- ok, it can happen, and you may not acutally be a complete moron or a potential death monger. Two negligent discharges in a career, a moron does make. Unacceptable, especially for mil and LEO who are formally trained. Situational awareness specifically of your finger and trigger, repetitive sheath / unsheath drills/practice with varying clothing profiles etc etc. ***?
  15. 9mm_at_4_am

    9mm_at_4_am New Member

    @vansteen13 @RLTW I wonder if the big wheels from Glock know what this police chief and more so the mayor of Connersville Indiana have said in public meetings there about this "accidental and faulty Glock gun" discharging when this shooting incident and the possible chance of disciplining the police chief was discussed? To hear those two men talk you would think that Glock should not be allowed to manufacture and sell so much of a "faulty" and inferior weapon. Are they right, are Glock guns that bad or is there more to the story that just might be a bunch of lies? ha ha ha, the people here in Fayette County know what the answer to that question is. As a Glock owner I must say it is too bad that Glock is getting such a bad name in this area of Indiana and the west part of Ohio by a couple of liars and crooks.