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    As noted in another thread, I really enjoy running and head out as often as I can.

    I do not listen to much music so I listen to podcasts mostly.

    Working in IT, I really enjoy listening to various technology related podcasts, but I also listen to various firearms podcasts.

    **I was wondering if anyone else does the same and if you have any recommendations?** I will only listen to those that 'keep it clean' and actually discuss firearms in a concise and intelligent manner. :)

    I use BeyondPod on my Android phone and subscribe to the following (all of which I recommend). Some discuss legal issues, some discuss gunsmithing and new firearms along with practical defense tips, while some discuss just about everything firearms related.

    Armed American Radio
    Practical Defense
    Firearms Cafe
    Guntalk's Podcast
    Gun Rights Radio Network
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  2. Podcasts

    What (if any) firearms podcasts do you follow? I need something to supplement my howard stern since he is only three days a week in his new contract.

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  4. I'm going to download (if i can download, i hate streaming) one of each and start checking them out right away ;)
  5. OK downloaded

    Armed American Radio
    Practical Defense
    Guntalk's Podcast

    Initial thoughts are it stinks that Practical Defense's seem to be pretty short and Guntalk splits theirs into parts. I like to hit play then not touch it for a long time because I'm working. Upside is i can dump all the parts of Guntalk into one mp3 with Audacity, and same with PD I can put a few shows in one.
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    My favorites are...
    Armed American Radio
    Guntalk's Podcast

    The others are so/so...

    AAR has a fair amount of current events and politics. GP covers a mixture of topics.
  7. GP seems to be the likely front runner. will let you know later after i spend some time in the shop
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    I agree. I don't like when they break them into segments, but I'm usually driving or running when I listen so it's not too much of a problem.

    Actually, it gives me an excuse to take a break when I have been running for a while. Can't be seen walking for no reason you know...
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    gunrightsradio.com has a listing of their podcasts.

    It may be worth a look.

    PD mentioned recently that he wil be on a bit of a hiatus of sorts. So some of his podcasts will be shorter than they might be otherwise.
  10. Guntalk is a winner. Listening to the most recent show and the caliber study. Great stuff
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    Yes. This was a good one. I was running while listening to that one.
  12. Gotta love the marine, just cant talk to some people
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    Yes. I remember his comments. He thought he was all that and a bag of chips!
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    For those who may have wandered in here and now have a puzzled look...on the Guntalk podcast referenced above, there was a caller (I believe an LEO) who phoned in to the radio broadcast (later a podcast) to discuss handgun stopping power. It was an interesting conversation and this is a link to the study the caller was referencing as he spoke with the host.

    An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power

    During the discussion, a retired Marine phoned in to tout his shooting prowess and he was insistent that he could take anyone with one shot. Maybe he could, but I think he was missing the point of the conversation.
  15. He was missing the point for sure. I have not even made it to the rest of the podcasts yet I'm hooked on Guntalk.

    It amazes me how many of his callers don't have a computer haha
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    Guntalk and AAR are at the top for me. The others are kinda fill-ins but may be worth checking out. Glad you found one you like. Let me know if you come across any others. I am sure there are plenty out there.

    Edit: this post was kinda redundant. It's too late to think straight. :D
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  17. Yea I plan to look but right now I can't get enough of Tom. I like that when he doesn't know he says it, and he calls people out.

    See normally I have 3-4 hours of stern five days a week so they overlap. Now with his 3 day schedule i run out. This is the PERFECT fill in and I love it.
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    Ruger has tactical defense video podcast. Great info with video. I can down load or see them on demand on iPhone.
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    Excellent! Glad you like it. I have been going back and listening to his archived shows.
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    Thanks, will check it out...