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  1. bfish

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    I searched "pocket pistols" on the forum and found a thread with people talking about Glock making a single stack nine or something similar to a ruger lcp etc... This is not going to happen it seems:( too bad! I would love something like that especially a glock and it wouldn't be double action! The thought of a glock I could keep in my pocket makes me smile:) but to the point I carry a 27 right now but I am wanting a pocket pistol something small for when I don't want a gun on my hip. I'm looking for something that can go in my hip pocket or in a light jacket pocket etc you get the idea. Any guns you guys have or recommend? I have handled and shot a few in 9mm and .380 but I wanted to ask my fellow glock owners for suggestions since you obviously have good tastes
  2. havasu

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    My personal preference for something small but accurate is my Walther PPKs, in the .380 cal. It takes a licking but keeps on ticking.

  3. Losov

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    Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec p3at or p32. Any will do the job you describe, all are very light and small.
  4. I carry a Keltec PF9 off duty. Very flat and the same size as many 380s.
  5. bhale187

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    Keltec P3AT is my pocket pistol of choice, I just wish Glock would make a slimmer single stack sub compact
  6. havasu

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    I agree completely.
  7. bfish

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    Ya I like the size of the lcp and p3at but the double action leaves much to be desired as well as the sights. ppk and pf9 I haven't really looked at but the Sig p238 seems good right with the size of the lcp but so much better which you obviously pay for anyone had their hands on one? But I think ill have to go somewhere that I can see how they fit I'm my pocket to really get an idea of which one I like
  8. jonm61

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    Taurus PT740 Slim. I carry it in my front pocket daily. It's actually as or maybe more comfortable to shoot than the 27.
  9. I own an LCR and Im not happy with it. Its almost miserable to shoot compared to my modded G27.

    Im leaning towards an LCR .38/.357 hammerless for my next little piece of joy.
  10. You have to remember with the little pocket pistols are for very up close encounters!!! There are not range pistols. My wife has the Kel Tec P3AT and for me I have to adjust my hand each time I shoot it.
  11. bhale187

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    PF9 has a little better sights than the P3AT, so does the PPK. The P238 is basically the same size as the LC9 or PF9, a bit larger than the LCP and P3AT.

    The P238 is a great little pistol, but you can get a 9mm in the same size, in fact the Kahr PM40 and the Taurus 740 slim line are basically the same size in 40cal.

    Here's a good size comparison chart

    In pocket pistols you have to make a tough decision of size versus caliber versus round count, versus price to decide what you want. I look at pocket guns as a last ditch effort adn the smaller the better.
  12. rivalarrival

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    The SO has an LCR .357. Bigger, taller, longer, wider than my G26. It's the only revolver we have, and it's kinda fun to shoot, but I couldn't hit a barn with it unless I was standing inside.

    I'll throw the Taurus TCP (PT738) out there. Upside, unlike the P3AT/LCP, it both has a slide stop lever *and* locks back on an empty magazine. Downside, it's just externally different enough from those two that form-fitted holsters won't fit.
  13. P35

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    for pocket carry it's either a Keltec P32 or a S&W M49..depends on the pants
  14. SHOOTER13

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    I own quite a few pocket pistols...Kel Tec PF-9 & P32, Walther PPK/s,

    Colt Model 1908...all good BUGs
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  15. FAS1

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    Lots of people would line up for a single stack G26/27 size glock, but that's apparently not going to happen. The Boberg XR9S might be a good option if you want to get on the waiting list and start saving up for the $1000.00 price tag. I am hearing good things about the quality.

    I currently pocket carry a P3AT.

  16. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    The Boberg looks cool, but it seems (to me) like an over enginered concept with too many moving parts. I'd rather my carry piece be simple and proven reliable.
  17. FAS1

    FAS1 Active Member

    Here's a link on a pretty good article I found doing a search for reviews. There are some out there now and I haven't found any bad reviews yet. I too choose to carry a proven and reliable handgun and I think time will prove this one is also reliable. I'll wait for some other people to experiment for now :)

  18. savage07

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    I have a good experience with Keltek pf9. It's flat, light, 9m, 7+1, any time I pull that trigger it goes Bang!!!, and you can get one brand new at cheaper than dirt for 200$. It's hard to beat that!!!
  19. savage07

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    Also you can check out the bersa pocket gun on 380. Bersa is like a clone of the Walther. I have one but full size. I hear the picket one is really good! Even Hickok45 talked about it in one of his video on YouTube.
  20. Personally... my G27 is my "pocket" piece.