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  1. Hello,
    Came across this forum from facebook, sign up for the giveaway and joined the forum. Been a member for 3 weeks now and thought i should say Hi.

    So, i'm the proud of owner of so far 4 glock pistols, i also have a Mech-Tech carbine conversion in 9MM with a G17 GEN 3 frame and a KJW G23 airsoft pistol. Yes i know its not a firearm. :D

    My future plans are to get more Glocks plus another carbine conversion and a Glock frame to put on it. i havent desided if i want to go with a 40 caliber or 357 Sig or even a 45.

    I do have to admit that when i first bought my Glock 17 back in 88 at some point i hated it because for some reason i coughtn't shoot it worth a damn. i shouldn't say i hated it, I just hated i coughtn't shoot it.

    Anyway enough rambling. i got over it and still own it plus 3 more Glock pistols and I LOVE them and can shoot them really well.

    G17 GEN 1 (date coded Feb 88), G27 and G23 (bought used) Gen 3's and last year a G17 Gen 4. Really wanted but couldn't afford the 25th anniversery.

    OK, I'm done.

    P.S. Also i have a Glock GTL22 combo laser/light.
    Also forgot to mention that my CCW is my G27 and a Kel-Tec PF9. The G23 w/GTL22 sits on my night stand for home defense.

    Hey my signature now shows up, wasn't here on my first post.
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    Hey, Glock_dude, WELCOME!

    That sounds like a fair collection you have there! Post pics!

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum glock_dude !!

    Pics are a must...
  4. glock collection pics

    ok here ya go.
    At the top is my original G17 Gen 1 Seriel # date of Feb.88 (not sure when i bought it, either 88 or 89 but it was new),
    Row #2:then theres my G23 w/GTL22, G27 both Gen3, G17 Gen 4
    Row #3 Mech Tech CCU with G17 Gen 3 Frame in 9mm
    Row #4 is the KJW G23 replica blowback gas Airsoft Pistol

    As you can see i have a variety of magazines for my guns. I will post pictures of my future Glock purchases. i would love to have a G18 though.

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    nice. I see you like the color black ;)
  6. Also want to mention that all these glock are stock except there is a KKM barrel in my G17 Gen 4 and i do have KKM barrels for both my G23 and G27 i use for reloads.

    Do not want the Glock KaBoo syndrome!

    I'm pretty sure this has to do primarly with the 40 cal. because before i ever heard of this i ran 1,000 rounds of factory reloads with cast bullets through my G17 Gen 1 way before i ever heard of this.

    Got a deal from the sportsmans guide along time ago. never had a problem.

    I did retire my G17 Gen 1 after i bought my Gen 4 last year.

    May not be worth awhole lot but i didn't want to shoot it any more, have all original box and so forth just don't have the manual. Unfortunatly. :(
  7. LOL!!

    Well so far, Yes!

    However i do want to do some kind of camo on the carbine and at some point I want to do something with duracoat or something to one of my current glocks or a future purchase.

    Like some camo and some mods.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum glock_dude! Nice collection you have there.
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    Welcome, and I love the 9mm carbine conversion! That is pretty sick. I imagine the .357 sig would work well with that also.
  10. Thanks everyone!

    jimmyalbrecht: I do agree that i think the .357 sig would make a good carbine round. It might sound dumb but i think with the longer barrel, a bullet close to the same size as the 9mm but with alittle extra of the right powder (because of the steeped down 40 casing) would make a good combination. Atleast thats what i'm thinking/
    Plus i could drop a .357 sig barrel in my G23 or the G27 and shoot both kinds of ammo out of either pistol.