Plz help. Ammo, bolt, or firing pin?

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    Took my sks to the range & put 100rds through it. I noticed a casing blew its primer out. I used Winchester & American Eagle. Both brands blew primers out. 1 of each brand looks like the firing pin may be going too deep into primer. Any experienced info is much appreciated. Here's some pics, I hope it helps. Winchester on top, AE on bottom.


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    Wow, I've never seen that before. Are you able to put in a lighter firing pin spring? Also could be the ammo, did they all do that or just some rounds? Id say try some other brands of ammo and if they keep doing that then its the firing pin striking way too hard.

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    Just these out of 100.
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    I've never had that problem with my SKS that I know of. Did it cause issues while firing or did you notice it only after inspecting your spent shells? I've only run Russian and Chinese cheap ammo. Never inspected the spent rounds, too much to go through:)
  5. If it's the firing pin overpenetrating, the LAST thing you want to do is continue using that firearm to try out other ammunition!

    Please get a gunsmith with knowledge about your firearm to take a look at it and determine what the problem is (and show him those shell casings). If it is indeed the firing pin protruding too far (which is what this problem seems to be), the firearm is unsafe to fire and needs adjusting by a gunsmith before something goes very wrong, in close proximity to your face and hands!

    With that many rounds gone wrong, I'd consider your weapon unsafe and possibly damaged.

    8% of the rounds you fired did not function normally (at least these are the ones pictured, maybe there were more). Wasn't there while you were shooting, and maybe it was one of those things that wasn't noticed at the range while shooting, but I'd have definately stopped shooting after noticing the first or second round that went wrong with that weapon. Factory ammo does not fail that consistently, no matter what brand it is. Can almost gurantee it's something with the firearm, probably just the firing pin needs adjusting.

    Edit: Is this a new firearm (or bought used recently)? If it's new and it's in fact a firing pin issue, you should contact the manufacturer and ask them to repair/replace it should the gunsmith determine its been damaged.
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    I have seen this happening on an old SKS that I owned. Take it to a local gunsmith and have them check the head spacing. Mine was off by .001" and that little bit was enough that on some rounds there would be an over pressure issue that would blow the primers out the same way.

    This is also the reason why it looks like your getting a harder strike from the striker as it striking a case that is slightly out of head room.
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  8. I know you need to check the head spacing on a lot of the surplus rifles.
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    Very true as most surplus rifiles from outside the US are not original, but surplus components put together to sell to the US market.
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    Here's the bolt & pin

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    For everyones safety around you stop firing that until a gunsmith can determine why the casing are getting overpressurized.

    The firing pin IS NOT the problem.

    Could be the head spacing IMO isn't allowing the bolt to lock up fully and allow it to stay locked until the gases release it but just a guess. Could just be a dirty chamber where the neck of the cartridge seats but, have it checked out before any more use is what I say.