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  1. Glockmaster

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    Dose anyone know where I can find a butt plug for a Gen 4 27? Not having any luck. If so PM me. Thanks.

  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer G17 G19

    Even better!
    Do you have a link as well?
  3. The retailer is I always go through him. Not sure what the website says because I always just call Casey
  4. No problem. He will probably recognize the usename right off, but u can go with Steve from Cherokee Forum too
  5. DarkFreedom

    DarkFreedom New Member

    WI also has them for $6
  6. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    The plug You use it?

    I've had Glocks and carried them both open and concealed for about a decade now, and I've never used the plug, nor seen a reason for it. What am I missing, is there a good reason for it, or just appearance?
  7. if you carry in dirty enviorments, on camping trips, etc it goes a LONG way to keeping dirt, debris, water, etc out of there.

    They are like $6 shipped from Casey at police hq. No reason not to use it, given that you would spend more on your gun for less.

    [email protected]
  8. I use a plug. just makes me feel better. I wish I woulda gotten the plug with the armorer's tool in it
  9. plus S&H. The guy I mentioned it's included.
  10. I've used one for years. Daily duty carry and it definitely keeps the gun cleaner.
  11. bhale187

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    I'm just not seeing it, like I said I've carried a G22 exposed for 10 years, and never once thought to myself, boy that empty space sure is dirty in there. It's not open to the internals either, if it was than I could certainly see the purpose, but the only thing exposed in there is the trigger housing pin.
  12. lauritzencl

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    I better look him up for $5 shipped!
  13. skymedik

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    I use one cuz I figured it might possibly help me guide the magazine in if I have to do it in the dark or whatever. Not really sure it would help but couldn't hurt...
  14. mikecu

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    I'm not for adding anything that really doesn't do anything.
    I clean my Glocks enough to not worry about dust in the hole.
  15. DarkFreedom

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    I just don't like the look of an opening that has no purpose. Plus with a plug, I could use the handle to store a $20 bill in the most secure location possible.
  16. Shooting98

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    I'm considering getting one.
  17. Last i checked the trigger makes it go boom. Even if its just that pin, or nothing for that matter, why wouldnt you spend $6 to keep gunk out of there? Think about all the things you spend $6 on that dont have anything to do with a life saving device.