Please help! Holster is damaging glock!

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by 40calGlock22, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. 40calGlock22

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    Hey guys,
    This is my first thread I havent been on in forever im a noobie lol
    Well I have a G22 .40 cal and I have a blackhawk holister (hard plastic) like this:
    I really LOVE this holister BUT as hard and strong as the glock steel is on the slide.. its causing quite some damage as far as scratches and its bothering me .I plan on having this gun forever and want to take care of it.. I carry it daily and its also kind of bulky on me (im 6'2 and 160 pounds). Im looking for advice on a really nice holister that isnt that expensive and wont damage my glock. Has anyone had this issue? Would a nice leather one be ok? Please also note that I dont want the cheap sock holisters you get at walmart and I also dont want a $100 holister.. just something nice with a snap maybe leather andnot terribly expensive (up to $50). Id PREFER a really nice black leather holister if there out there?? All advice and comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
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  2. Ghost23

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    Have you tried loosening the screws a bit on the holster? I've always used these holsters, and I've never had that problem.

  3. dwcfastrice

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    First thread! Awesome! Congrats!!!

    I'm sorry... i have to do it.... "holister"? like the Clothing company? or the city? ;) I thought the clothing company was suing glock when I first saw the title of your post (but that's spelled with two "L's"). Just giving you a hard time, my friend. :D

    On to your question.....

    I can tell you I LOVE the Fobus HOLSTER (;)) that I have for my 23.

    As for the scratches you see, they should only be in the outer "paint" coating on the glock. It's only a few microns thick and isn't meant to be impervious. This is called "holster wear" and is no big deal. Glock's have a super durable finish that's bonded to the metal at a molecular level called "Tennifer" (sp?). The black stuff is just cosmetic. Glock will refinish your pistol for free if it REALLY bothers you that much or it just wears through.

    Leather is usually really expensive and well, it's leather. It has it's own set of potential issues.

    Have you looked at Kydex holsters like what MikeP (member and vendor on this forum) makes?

  4. david1962hd

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    I had the same problem, what I did was to take a little velcro strip and place inside the holster. It helped made the gun a little tighter but it worked.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I use the holster system everyday… never had a problem. You have Pics of the "Damage"?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    How about a Desantis Scabbard? I sell them for $50.
  7. 40calGlock22

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    Yes I have tried lossening it, no help really.. it started to move around when I did that.. lol and dwc umm no need to be a grammar Nazi :p but thanks for the imput! Ill look into the Fobus and Kydex hoilsters! David, I guess I could give that a try! My friend also mentioned maybe electrical tape or something to stop the friction.. lol well thanks guys!
  8. 40calGlock22

    40calGlock22 Cock The Glock

    black wolf I dont have my gun on me, im at work lol it basically has damage above the serial number on the slide, and near the bottom of the slide by the end of the barrel.. ill check those out! Thats perfect for what im looking for!! Do you have styles with the paddle?
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  9. Ghost23

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    Dude that looks sickkk. Got a left handed?
  10. AuxSix

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    Take and loosen the holster tension screws and glue in moleskin or felt. Once the glue is dried then spray with Remington gun oil. Just a suggestion.
  11. Kmurray96

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    6'2" and 160lbs? Son, you sound a couple of steaks short of being an Ethiopian refugee.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I carry Safariland, Fobus, Blackhawk, 5.11, Desantis…. all sorts of stuff…. ill post some popular paddle holsters here in a minute.
  13. dwcfastrice

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    Hahahha. :D
    Wasn't grammar. It was spelling. :D

    Seriously, your original title had me thinking either the clothing company was suing Glock or the City in California was suing Glock for some reason.


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    5.11 Thumbdrive $60

    Fobus $25

    Safariland ALS felt lined $40.
  15. 40calGlock22

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    lmao I get that alot :/ hahaha and thanks blackwolf im checking your products out now and liked you on fb

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Thank you! And if you are not sure if I have something just ask and Ill check my sources for you!
  17. CCSir

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    You may like some of the Don Hume holsters as well. Most are pretty reasonable priced for leather holsters and a lot of different styles as well.
  18. Scorpion911

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    One thing that was explained to me that really makes sense. Firearms are tools and tools are made to get used. If you want a show piece that remains pristine don't plan on using a holster because they all add wear. Keep it in your safe and take it to the range in a good case. For me I also like to try and keep them nice but I understand that things will happen as they are carried all the time. I treat mine with Rustys Rags which seems to work nice for he finish etc. other then that my carry guns will have some marks. As long as they perform when needed I am good. :)
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  19. Glockmaster

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    I agree it's a carry piece it's suppose to show wear. Just like the GLOCK smiles on the barrel from shooting. ;)
  20. Dark Knight

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    Easy solution polish the slide. Of course changing holster or cerecote are options as well.