Plastic cased ammo...

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    There's not a lot of info in the article, I didn't watch the video, but I'm curious...would you try it? How long would you wait for it to be out before you tried it?

    Plastic Cased Ammunition from PCP Ammo

    I like the concept. If they really can make a safe, reliable product, bring it to MILSPEC and make that kind of difference for the troops, I'm all for it.
  2. I'll try it.

    Two years after it comes out.

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    ill try it. if it goes on the market it has already received extensive safety testing. being a chemistry student and taking some of the polymer chemistry into account i know that the polymers we have today are very tough and could withstand the temperatures and pressures that a brass shell could. This is a great idea I cant wait till they have a patented product that i can use to lower the weight of my concealed carry