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    Welp I have sorta had it with Pistolaccents.com I ordered a lonewolf 40-9 threaded conversion barrel for my G23 (the standard ones are on back order). Knowing that the standard length barrels have been on back order for a while and according to the LW website they weren't going to be back in stock until I think it was the end of this month. I sent them an e-mail asking if they had one in stock hoping that they might. They replied that they were on back order but informed me that they had the threaded barrel in stock and sent me a link.

    A day later I placed an order for the threaded barrel and a thread protector (Wed. 5/9). I waited until last Wed. 5/16 to send them another e-mail because I had not yet received a shipping confirmation. Sent them an e-mail asking if my order has shipped and that I haven't received a shipping confirmation yet. They replied that my order should be shipping out in the next day or so, and that they were waiting on the stock order that was shipped out to them. It is now Mon. 5/21 (almost 2 full weeks since my order was placed) and I have still not received a shipping confirmation from them. I will be sending them another e-mail here shortly to ask again where it is and let them know my dissatisfaction of the waiting time.

    Does anyone else find this unacceptable or am I just looney? If you are going to run a business and tell your customers that you have an item in stock you better have it in stock right infront of you. Don't say it is in stock and then order it from your vendor when an order is placed. I will admit that e-mail response time has been excellent, the shipping time....well not so much.
  2. LW is causing people all kinds of problems. Glockstore hasn't been the most honest about it either.

  3. Love my KKM barrel I bought direct from them at kkmprecision.com. Mine is the straight .40 SW barrel, but after almost 900 rounds, zero problems thus far. Ordered it on Monday and had it on Friday. $165 + few bucks for shipping.
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    Also love mine. 9mm. Wet sanded and polished it. Sweet.
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    This is the best way to let them know how big of a problem it is with the Glock community. Copy and paste a few of these forum comments and email it to them and they will see the light or if not be looking for a new job soon.:eek:
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    When I ordered my G26 threaded barrel and thread protector the barrel was in stock but not the protector .I also never received any notification that the protector was on b/o and it held up everything for a few weeks . LW has this issue a lot I see
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    I ordered a slide from them 5/17. Website says "shipping after 5/18/12". I got an order confirmation, but haven't received anything else yet.

    It may be a tiny shop or a someone's part time gig so communication with the customer is not a big thing. Still doesn't excuse it. the Customer SErvice paradigm is now different than a decade ago. Customers are all about instant information or instant gratification. Hopefully, he an other businsess like him (have you read some of the stories on Classic Arms?) will learn the difference and adapt and adjust.

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    Or copy/paste this thread link to their facebook page. ;)

  9. You are right on the head. The days of dropping a money order and an order sheet in the mail and waiting 7 to 10 weeks are long gone. That is why I love text messages, social networking, and tracking alerts for shipments. Despite my high labor demands I am still able to make sure my clients know what is going on all the time.

    I think the issue comes in lack of organization. A lot of these guys have automated ordering, it goes into their paypal, and they comb through the order control panel and fill them as they go. This opens up way too many chances for confusion and oversight. I could easily use an automated system but I like the way I have it set up. I have an order form dump to my email. From there it requires me to do the invoicing. This gives me a chance to print off the order, make any notes I need, and send the invoice and track the payment. These print offs then go into a folder in the shop. It's old school, tree's probably aren't too fond of it but guess what, if someone calls me I can walk over to a file and put something in my hands and help my customers.
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    I think you are right on this one Nuk. I e-mailed them last night when I got home from work around 2230 and received an e-mail back this morning of them apologizing saying that some how the order got lost and that the computer system must have glitched... Althought it could be possible, it is too easy to blame mistakes on computers now a days rather than admitting to ones own mistake.

    I have no problem waiting for stuff if it is on back order. With everything being instant now, it is tough to wait 2 weeks for something you order to get shipped out when your debit/credit card is charged almost immediately after you place your order.

    Shoot them an email asking if they have shipped it out yet, yours may have got lost in cyber space with mine.
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    I shot them an e-mail last night and got a response saying that they hoped LWD would have been shipping slides by the 18th. We'll see.

    I called to confirm with the folks at "glock store" and they were saying 12 week lead time for anything not in stock from LWD. :eek:

  12. Glockstore is still telling me the LW stuff i ordered will be delivered on 5/31. Thats the date they have been giving me for a few weeks now, so they better keep to it.
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    Anyone hear anything else from pistolaccents?

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    My barrel and thread protector came Saturday but I ordered a black thread protector a d they sent me a polished one. Rather than mess with sending it back for a black on I will just keep it and probably not order from them again.
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    Cool. I'll have to give him another shout to see if that slide assembly is on its way to me or not.

    Thanks for the update!