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    I am looking for a small safe or lock box to keep like 4 pistols in there boxes in. I am looking for small, cheap and won't cause my guns to rust. It doesn't necessary have to be fireproof or California approved.
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    I just got this: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sentry-Fire-Resistant-0.8-cu.-ft.-Safe/3922136

    The price was good, I liked that I didn't have to carry yet another key, and right now it is holding two Glocks in Glock boxes in the top and 1000s of rounds of 22lr on the bottom. I think that if you pull the shelf out you might be able to get 4 boxes in but I haven't tested yet. Actually the listing says that it is 9-5/8" high inside and Glock boxes are just under 3" so 4 boxes might not quite fit.

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    I am also looking for a pistol safe. I only have a 19 that I am looking to keep locked up. I am a college student and wont be expanding my collection any time soon. So just something small and inexpensive, under like $150 if possible, might pop for more if necessary.
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    Depending on what your security requirements are you could go simple and pick up a cheap safe from Home Depot or Lowes. They will keep curious people away from your gun. If theft is your concern a larger, heavier safe may be the best choice
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    Look at the GunVault brand. I have 3, 2 are bolted to large pieces of wood. Sure a crook could walk out the door with them, 4'x 4', but would look very silly doing so.

    Here's a link

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    Look into stack on, affordable and decent size for your 19.

    I have one that I paid roughly $70 with a coupon at my local sporting good store. Digital lock with back up key lock.

    I too only have one pistol; a 19 as well and the top shelf is dedicated to just the pistol and home defense magazine, while the bottom shelf can store about 1,000 rounds and some small misc items.
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    I too have a Gunvault for my 19. I first tried the biometric one and returned it almost immediately. I programmed in many versions of my finger and it was consistently inconsistent. The finger combo lock works great in the dark. I use it daily, sleeping with it open, and have done so for three months. So far the battery is still working.
    It's plenty secure enough to keep my 7 & 10 year olds out of it during the day.
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    Don't want to change the subject, but I use to keep a stainless Ruger .22 pistol with red dot scope in a box that had a foam liner in it. I didn't shoot it much for a couple years and as the foam started deteriorating the pistol started to get some rust spots/pitting on the barrel. I caught it early and removed it fom that case.

    Since security and fire isn't a big concern just about anything should work for you. Maybe consider removing them from their boxes if they have foam in them while they are stored. I know how mad I got when I saw the pitting on my barrel!
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    good call. Foam, like a sponge, holds moisture and can lead to pitting and rust. Same with the carpet in a safe.

    Dessicant packs are a must.

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    +1 I take them from the kids vitamin bottles and toss them in the safe. Lol. It's just my little bedside safe but it works very well.
  14. Another +1 regarding long term storage in a factory foam lined case causing rust and pitting. Had this happen to me with my first semi-auto, years ago, after I stopped going to the range regularly. I was even warned about this but didn't think anything of it, and it sneaked up and bit me. Best to store firearms in an environment where nothing that can hold moisture (like foam or carpeting) is touching the metal surfaces.

    It's especially important to know that if you rarely shoot your guns, to religiously maintain them by giving them a lube rub every month or so. You'd be surprised how rusty they get just sitting around doing nothing when you don't maintain them!
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    With any safe purchase ones that can be bolted down all robbers are looking to get in and out quick and if it is bolted down they normally don't mess with it but if it is small and not too heavy and can be picked up it say good bye. So if it can be bolted down do so!
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    Just got done setting up my safe, I'm storing my pistols and ammo in it.. I have a dehumifer in it and not letting the pistols rest on the carpet.
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    I've asked before but got to again. Why ammo in a safe?
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