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  1. Hi all--
    I searched the forums but did not find much on the subject of small, easy-to-open safes to hold a model 19 next to the bed.
    I was looking at the Hand Vault brand but saw bad reviews about their poor security.

    Anybody have any good recommendations?

  2. Thank you! That's the kind of thing I was looking for.

    I did a bunch more reading and investigating this morning (I'm an early riser).

    For my needs (and budget) it seems like the Bulldo DB1500 looks pretty good:


    Anybody have any experience / knowledge of this product?
    I plan to pick up my pistol tomorrow evening so getting a small safe in here fairly soon is relatively important.

    Thanks all,
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    You're welcome...glad to help !
  4. If you just want to keep the kids out, and have quick night time access, one of the sentry safes from walmart is perfect. My keypad safe fits perfectly in there and opens in about a second if you know the code.

    Any safe can be broken into, for a nightstand why spend more than $20?

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    Locks only keep honest people honest. I have a Winchester, stack on safe bolted under my bed.
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    That looks similar to what I have on the nightstand. Keep in mind, I only keep my EDC in there. It's mainly for piece of mind while sleeping (having kids). Not used for general storage. The weapon is either on me or I'm sleeping in other words. All other weapons are in a Fort Knox floor safe.
  7. I went ahead and ordered the Bulldo. It is due to arrive in a couple days.

    I have a pair of other safes that I use for all my other guns -- long term. This is just for my Glock when I am not carrying or am sleeping.

    Thanks to those who contributed!
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    i would recomend searching on youtube for the model you want before buying to make sure there's not a "how to crack" vid. posted on youtube.. check these out..


    i sure any safe is crakable (some harder than others) but u dont want it to be as easy as watching a 5min youtube vid....