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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by TampaBaySean, May 24, 2012.

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    Found a killer deal on 3 7' tall locking storage cabinets I'm gonna grab tomorrow ! Found some sweet banners for decoration . So the garage is coming along nicely !! New workbench and a bench vise and polishing wheel . Whoop love Craigslist
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    As they say, pics or it didn't happen!

  3. >>polishing wheel


    Sounds like progress is shining on you the past week! I don't know what it is about shelving and cabinets that just really excite you when putting a shop together. I have a bench vise also, but for what you are gearing up to do i very very strongly suggest the Tipton Best Gun Vise. I have them in a few different sizes. Very strong and the padding will last 10x longer then any kind of padding on a bench vise.

    I also suggest going to walmart and in the exercise section grab the interlocking foam flooring pads. Like $6 for enough to cover around like a 6x8 area. Put these on the floor where you will be standing and sitting the most. A few warm days in the shop and they will lay perfectly flat. Your feet and back will thank you.

    Head to the local hobby store and spend $3 on a roll of thin rubber and use this as a mat over the bench. Seems like overkill but let me tell ya the first time you drop a slide or something (you will, we all do) you will be glad it is there. Also nice on the elbows and forearms. It can be easily cut to lay around the mounted tools such as the bench vise, lights, etc. Same goes for the floor padding, it's great when that dropped part makes it past the bench.

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    Wise words from an experienced man...
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    I like the bench ideas. I have a couple drop cloths down but like the rubber matting idea...one of those "i should have thought of that!" moments...
  6. It's nice. Much quieter than drop cloth and stays put, also. another nice thing is at the end of the day you can take some diluted alcohol or acetone and wipe it down, cleans right up.
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    I don't know what makes me happier the awesome advice or the fact that I am almost 100% on the same page !!! I found a rubber mat made for the lowes workbench .

    The gun vise was news to me thank you !

    I like that interlocking flooring idea too !

    Those cabinets are like $300 new ! I got 3 for $25 + the cost ofa rental truck so like $33 each . Can't beat that !! A little spray paint and a couple locks and they will be good as new !

    I'll be hitting up some garage sales this weekend

    Cool thing around here is that they aren't hit or miss they do them as a development !
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    Great find there Sean. You're going to have a great work area. Let us know what else you find.
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    Yeah I really lucked out !