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    Just got finished watching another episode of another self defense/ gun/ shooting show. What I've come to realize from all these "professionals" giving advice is that, although they may be giving you good advice, sometimes, it's a little lacking in content.

    As a 24 year Correction Officer two of the things I enjoyed most were searches and the mind games.

    I always was fascinated by what makes an inmate tick. I've had long conversations with every jailhouse shrink I've worked around and read a few books on the subject. One of the best was, "The Art of Interrogation".

    Anyhow, one of the things I discovered was that, as superior as man is, we are still just an animal with intellect and reasoning. Ergo, we do, or mimic, a lot of things that animals do.

    Especially when it comes to our, "flight or fight" instincts. Do all of you know why we only put deer stands up about 10-12 feet? Because deer generally don't look up unless alerted by sound.

    Found out from a psych from work that man generally does the same thing. Learning that, it helped me get a reputation as one of the best common area friskers in my jail.

    Now, let's bring that out to the real world. I have never seen on our department ranges nor on any of these TV shows a proper cover down and assess after a "shooting". I just saw, twice, on the same show, two different instructors sweep their vision from side to side and not once look up. The second instructor even stating to, "look around".

    Hey folks, we all want to live long enough to play with our grandchildren and get our fair share back out of social security, right? So please, LEO or just an average citizen, if you get stuck in a bad situation, look up, too.

    That gangbanger you just dropped might have friend in the second story window.
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    The last NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor school I attended was Oct. of last year and this was something they have now put into their curriculum.

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    Well said
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    The other factor I'm always curious about regarding the "professionals" on TV that K96 mentions. I wonder how many of them have real world experience, have actually been shot at. No matter how much range time a guy puts in, till he's "been there, done that," it's all just theory.
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    Does being shot at for living in a bad neighborhood or so on count? Lol