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  1. jhaynes85

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    What is the best ammo (.40 cal) to carry in your glock for personal defense and concealed carry purposes?
  2. PhiTau81680

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    It really becomes a personal preference. You are gonna prolly hear people talk about HST, Hornady Critical Duty or Critical Defense, Ranger T, and prolly a couple others.

    I personally carry the Hornady Critical Duty.

  3. I don't own a .40, but I carry Speer Gold Dot 124 gr. +p JHPs in all my 9mms and 230 gr +p in my .45. I would use the same for a .40.
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  4. coker73

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    Pdx1 180 grain for me
  5. Thesarge

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    Lots of good ammo out there today. Do a lot of research and choose one and if it functions well in your pistol, you are good to go. My choice would be the Federal HST 180gr 40. Go to and view the ballistic testing data and videos. Bill
  6. Hornady Critical Duty is really impressive. It's all I have been carrying in my 40's since it came out. I have used everything and will say that other brands are great also. I have a few boxes of hst's, pdx1's, golden sabre's, critical defense, hydra-shok's, etc, etc. I would trust any of them in a self defense situation.

    Your skill with the weapon will be vastly more important than the ammo in the mag.
  7. BORIS

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  8. Ranger45

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    There are lots of options for .40 carry ammo. Like PhiTau said, it comes down to personal preference. I tend to stick with the "Big Three" manufacturers and their primary SD ammo...Federa HST, Speer Gold Dot, or Winchester Ranger T. As for bullet weight, I prefer either 165gr or 180gr. Bottom line is to stick with whatever runs best in your gun.
  9. FarazTE

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    + 1 on the pdx1. If u want something cheaper but still bad as all hell I'm carrying hornaday tap FDP got them for 18$. All pd ammo from the major manufactures are all amazing tho.
  10. Ghost23

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    Underwood Ammo 135 grain .40 +P Nosler JHP

    1500 fps, 675 ft lbs at the muzzle. Excellent ballistics, medium penetration. Awesome for carry purposes.
  11. 124+P

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    Mas Ayoob

    Mas Ayoob is privy to a lot of LE agencies' data regarding actual street shootings. He advocates for 180 grain HST's which have had a stellar record in the Pac NW. He also likes the Ranger T or full power Gold dot in 165 gr. The full power version runs around 1150 fps.:D
  12. trex1310

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    I like the Federal 180gr Hydra-Shok jhp (P40HS1G) 1,000fps
    muzzle velocity.