Oregon PDX concealed carry okay

Discussion in 'North West USA' started by scott_see, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. scott_see

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    I asked a Port of Portland LEO if it was okay to concealed carry in the airport, and he said it was fine. He explained that the port used to have some rule against it but did away with that years ago. He said if someone concealed carried in the airport (and had their permit) he wouldn't even know what to charge them with. He said it's OK. I did double check, there is no sign prohibiting guns at the entrances.

    Needless to say, this is all on the outside of the TSA security checkpoint. An old friend of mine found out the hard way TSA has no sense of humor about guns. He forgot he was carrying. It was an expensive mistake.
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  2. scott_see

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    Next time I'm at the airport, I'll ask another LEO just to be sure.
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  3. Dark Knight

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    If you have a permit you can carry in any unsterial area of an airport. When I travel by plane I get my bag from baggage claim and go into the adjacent restroom in the baggage Claim area and arm up and walk out to my vehicle. Easy and legal.
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    The airport used to ban weapons anywhere inside it, but it was clearly against state law.
    Took awhile and a lot of complaints, but they finally rescinded the illegal ban.
  5. look to see the TSA getting more wary about firearms based on recent events...
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    I was at PDX again today, so I dropped in on the port police office. They didn't hesitate to confirm that concealed carry with a permit is fine. The only reason I checked again is that I read in some other thread that LEO's often disagree among themselves as to what the law is.